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The Blessed and Cursed (pt 5 of LaVey's Satanism)

Created by nemesis

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The Blessed and Cursed pt 5 of LaVeys Satanism game quiz
"The Book of Satan part V of the Satanic Bible mentions many that are blessed and cursed, but do you know why?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Why are the strong blessed?
    They shall possess the earth
    They are handy in a fight
    They are good at carrying heavy objects
    They help scare away those who may disagree with Satanism

2. What shall the weak inherit?
    family savings
    the yoke
    the earth

3. Which of the following are the blessed?
    the non-righteously humble
    the weak
    the bold
    the righteously humble

4. Why are the believers of good and evil cursed?
    because they believe in evil
    they are confused about what's really good and evil
    they are frightened by shadows
    they are not Satanists

5. Thrice cursed are the weak whose _______ makes them vile?

6. Who shall ride the whirlwinds?
    Those that know good from evil
    The mighty-minded
    Those that know what's best for them
    The valiant

7. Are you blessed if you have a sprinkling of enemies?
    Yes, for they shall make you a hero
    No, for they shall hunt you
    No, it's best to be liked by everyone
    Yes, it's unavoidable in life

8. What shall happen to those "who doeth good unto others who sneer upon him in return"?
    he shall be despised
    he shall be loved
    he is blessed
    he is held as a hero

9. Why are the powerful blessed?
    they shall be remembered
    they shall be reverenced
    they shall receive anything they wish
    they shall be the commanders of the world

10. What "dwelleth within the flesh of the Satanist"?
    the eternal flame of power through destruction
    the eternal flame of power through joy
    the ability to change the world

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Compiled Jun 28 12