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"Big Love" - "A Barbecue for Betty"

Created by Polaris101

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'Big Love'- Season 1
Big Love  A Barbecue for Betty game quiz
"Bill wants to celebrate but gets bad news at every turn, and Margene becomes preoccupied with voting, in episode 9."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Bill wanted to have the barbecue to celebrate Don's engagement to Betty, and what other event?
    Ben's graduation
    Nicki's pregnancy
    his freedom from Roman
    the new ad campaign

2. How did Bill find out about Nicki's credit card debt?
    Roman told him
    Barb told him
    he found her credit card statements
    Nicki told him

3. Who accidentally told Margene that there was more than one vote on her joining the family?

4. What did the state trooper who came to Barb's house want?
    to bring home Ben, who was caught skipping school
    to tell Barb about a burglary in the neighborhood
    to pick up his daughter Heather
    to sell tickets for the policeman's ball

5. What did Nicki suggest she could do to help pay her debt?
    sell her car
    have a yard sale
    become a prostitute
    start babysitting

6. What surprise did Margene get when she went to dinner with Pam and Carl?
    they wanted her to pay the bill
    they arranged a date for her
    Bill and Barb were in the same restaurant
    she saw Ben on a date with his girlfriend

7. Don and his wives didn't come to the barbecue because Betty had decided she didn't want to join his family.

8. There had been several votes for Margene joining the family which ended up being 2-1. Who initially voted not to let Margene in the family?

9. Where did Nicki spend her night away from home?
    the compound
    her car

10. Where did Bill dump his two trash bags?
    at Roman's house
    the site that was going to be his third store
    the Home Plus dumpster
    in his own trashcan

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