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All About Sum 41

Created by canadiangurl13

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All About Sum 41 game quiz
"This is a quiz all about Sum 41. The band comes from Ajax, Ontario, Canada, and are an amazing band. Let's see how much you know about them!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who did Deryck Whibley propose to in the summer of 2005?
    Paris Hilton
    Fefe Dobson
    Avril Lavigne
    Hilary Duff

2. What is the eleventh song in the band's fourth album "Chuck"?
    The Bitter End
    There's No Solution

3. Who helped Sum 41 become who they are today, and became their manager?
    Chad Kroeger
    Raine Maida
    Neil Young
    Grieg Nori

4. What was Sum 41's third music video released in Canada for their fourth album "Chuck" called?
    In Too Deep
    We're All To Blame
    Some Say

5. Which band member was featured on an episode of MTV "Cribs"?
    Deryck Whibley
    Cone McCaslin
    Dave Baksh
    Steve Jocz

6. What song on Sum 41's album "Chuck" was influenced by the band's trip to the Congo in May 2004?
    Welcome To Hell
    No Reason
    We're All To Blame
    Slipping Away

7. What singer did Sum 41 collaborate with on the song "Little Know It All"?
    Tommy Lee
    Iggy Pop
    Paul McCartney

8. Who played Pain in Sum 41's alter ego band Pain For Pleasure?
    Dave Baksh
    Deryck Whibley
    Steve Jocz
    Cone McCaslin

9. What movie was Sum 41 in, along with Jenny McCarthy?
    None Of The Above
    Punk's Not Dead
    Dirty Love
    The L.A. Riot Spectacular

10. What song did Sum 41 write for their friend with HIV?
    Still Waiting
    The Hell Song
    The Bitter End

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Compiled Jun 28 12