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The Da Vinci Code

Created by skunkee

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The Da Vinci Code game quiz
"Ron Howard's interpretation of Dan Brown's novel has stirred up almost as much controversy as the book. I enjoyed both, but this quiz is about the movie."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. One of the protagonists of the movie was an albino monk who was doing the work of his mentor. What was the monk's name?

2. Among the clues that Jacques Sauniere left at his own murder scene were four lines written with a curator's pen, which could only be read with a special light. Captain Fache erased one of those lines before Robert Langdon was brought to the scene. Which line did he erase?
    The digits of the Fibonacci sequence, out of order
    Oh lame saint
    O draconian devil
    P.S. find Robert Langdon

3. Sophie revealed to Langdon that she was orphaned at a young age and was raised by her grandfather, until she went to boarding school. How were Sophie's family killed?
    in a hostage situation
    by the albino monk
    in a car accident
    in a plane accident

4. The albino monk was acting under the direction of Bishop Aringarosa, who was sending him on his errands, based on information received from a mysterious phone contact. This contact promised to deliver the location of the Grail, for a price of course. By what name was this mysterious contact known?

5. In ancient times the Knights Templar served as joint guardians of the Grail, but they were betrayed and wiped out. What was the name of the remaining group, dedicated to protecting the Grail, of which Jacques Sauniere was Grand Master?
    The Priory of Sion
    The Knight of Columbus
    The Zealots
    The Freemasons

6. Bishop Aringarosa was part of a secret group, within the Roman Catholic Church, that's purpose was to keep the secret of the Grail from ever being known, destroying it if necessary. What was the name of this group?
    The Twelve Apostles
    The Shadow Council
    The Ancient Order of Foresters
    The Knights of Pythias

7. According to Leonardo Da Vinci's painting of The Last Supper, how many wine glasses, or goblets were on the table?

8. What were the albino monk's dying words?
    "I am a ghost."
    "I have failed."
    "I am a demon."
    "Forgive me, for I have sinned."

9. The cryptex that was removed from the safe deposit box needed a five letter code for it to be opened safely. A clue from the box in which the cryptex had been stored sent them to the grave of Sir Isaac Newton in order to find this code. What was this five letter word?
    Answer: (One Word - starts with 'a')

10. Who was the last descendent of the union between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene?
    Robert Langdon
    Sophie Neveu
    Jacques Sauniere
    An unnamed child

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Compiled Jun 28 12