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All Things (British) Military : 1

Created by Seyerus

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All Things British Military  1 game quiz
"This quiz is about all things relating to the British military. Easy for some - not so easy for others maybe! Don't forget to rate it!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which is the Senior Service of the British armed forces?
    The Army
    The Royal Navy
    The Royal Air Force
    The Salvation Army

2. Which of these military ranks is the highest?
    Field Marshal
    Air Chief Marshal
    Admiral of the Fleet
    They are all the same!

3. One of the greatest military commanders of British military history is very well known as the Duke of Wellington but what was his real name?
    Arthur Wesely
    Arthur Wellesley
    Albert Westly
    Arthur Weasley

4. What non-commissioned rank falls between Lance Corporal and Sergeant?
    Warrant Officer
    Staff Sergeant

5. The rank of Lance Corporal is below that of Lance Bombardier.

6. The RAF make extensive use of the 'Fat Albert'. What aircraft does this nickname refer to?
    C130 Hercules

7. WWII leader Winston Churchill served as a war correspondent in which war?
    Boer War
    Crimean War

8. The SAS is a very famous and well known unit within the British Army formed during WWII by David Stirling. What does it stand for?
    Special Air Service
    Stirling's Air Service
    Stirling and Stirling
    Special Army Service

9. What is the naval equivalent of the SAS?

10. Which is the odd one out from the choices below?
    Wg Cdr (RAF) & Lt Col (Army)
    Capt (Army) & Capt (Navy)
    PO (Navy) & Sgt (Army/RAF)
    Pte (Army) & AB (Navy)

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Compiled Jun 10 13