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Leftenant Columbo

Created by ArleneRimmer

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Leftenant Columbo game quiz
"No, it's not a spelling mistake - it's a play on the pronunciation of the word 'Lieutenant'. Do you know the guest stars who would naturally pronounce Columbo's rank in this way - the Brits?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When Mrs Columbo won a holiday, our favourite detective found himself on a cruise to Mexico. The actor who played the captain is best known for his iconic role in 'The Avengers', and kept his ship on course despite the murder on the first night, remaining beautifully calm and British throughout. Who was this actor?
    Ian Hendry
    Patrick Mcnee
    Douglas Muir
    Jon Rollason

2. The beautifully-spoken Robert Douglas played an important role onboard the cruise ship in 'Troubled Waters'; this unflappable Englishman was not even fazed when Columbo asked him if he could possibly have been wrong in his original conclusion. What role did this actor play?

3. Richard Baseheart, who played Nicholas Frame in 'Dagger of the Mind' was not British, although he did play the part of the English actor very convincingly. In this episode his wife was played by a great British actress who was well known as a Bond girl. Who was she?
    Ursula Andress
    Honor Blackman
    Diana Rigg
    Jane Seymour

4. What is the first name of the Scottish comedian/actor who played a murdering musician in a Columbo film, and played opposite Dame Judi Dench in a 19th century royal drama?
    Answer: (first name ONLY)

5. Alan Scarfe was born in England and has worked in Stratford and Liverpool as an actor during his career, which included an appearance in a Columbo film, when he played Sir Harry Matthews, who was in on the plot, albeit on the edge of the action, pointing the finger at playboy Sean Brantley. Which Columbo film was this?
    The Most Dangerous Match
    Columbo Cries Wolf
    Uneasy Lies the Crown
    A Bird in the Hand...

6. He had a part in 'Troubled Waters' and Chief Inspector Durk in 'Dagger of the Mind' as well as appearing in 'Perry Mason', 'Ironside', 'I Dream of Jeannie' and as a tough commanding officer in 'M*A*S*H', but who was he?
    John Bull
    William Lamb
    Bernard Fox
    Michael Fish

7. Classic butler-type Wilfrid Hyde-White appeared in two Columbo films, once as a victim. Which episodes were these?
    'The Bye Bye Sky-High IQ Murder Case' / 'Dagger of the Mind'
    'Last Salute to the Commodore' / 'Troubled Waters'
    'Dagger of the Mind' / 'Last Salute to the Commodore'
    'Troubled Waters' / 'The Bye Bye Sky-High IQ Murder Case'

8. He was the only actor in 'The Great Escape' to have been a POW in WWII, and in the midst of his long career played the murderer in a 1973 Columbo film. In this episode he lost his temper with his half-brother and then locked him in a sealed room for a few days before staging a scuba-diving accident. Columbo found him out, of course, but who was this actor?
    John Chandler
    Jackie Cooper
    Donald Pleasence
    Ken Swofford

9. In 1978 Columbo came across a Sinn Fein conspiracy to send guns to Ireland after Joe Devlin murdered his arms dealer over a double-cross. The actor who played him (Clive Revill) was a New Zealander, but there was one Irish actor amongst the cast. Which character did Sean McClory play in 'The Conspirators'?
    the truck driver
    George O'Connell
    the ship's captain
    Vincent Pauley

10. This Brit fiddled while Rome burned in 'A.D.', married the young lady of the house in 'Upstairs, Downstairs', played Edward VIII to Jane Seymour's Mrs Simpson and changed from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde in 1989, the same year he nearly chopped Columbo's head off in 'Columbo Goes to the Guillotine'. Who was this actor?
    Answer: (Both names, please. Initials AA)

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