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German Colonial History

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German Colonial History game quiz
"This is a quiz about the German colonies overseas. They were short-lived, German colonial history lasted only from ca. 1880 to 1914. To make it more challenging many of the questions are fill in blanks."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. German East Africa consisted of three units. Which were they?
    Tanganyika, Ruanda, Urundi
    Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Pemba
    Tanganyika, Kenya, Uganda
    Tanganyika, Ruanda-Urundi, Congo

2. Germany gained two protectorates in West Africa by giving up German demands relating to Nigeria. Which were the protectorates?
    Togoland and Cameroon
    Gold Coast and Ivory Coast
    Gabon and Congo
    Senegal and Guinea

3. In this protectorate there were Herero and Hottentot uprisings in 1889-1906.
    Answer: (Three Words, English spelling)

4. The main colonial powers Britain and France were busy in another country. This is a main reason why Otto von Bismarck succeded in acquiring various protectorates after the Congo Conference 1884-85. In which country were Britain and France busy at the time?

5. This protectorate was acquired by Germany from the New Guinea company in 1880.
    Answer: (Three Words, named after a German leader)

6. After the Congo Conference 1884-1885 two more German protectorates were aquired in the South Seas. What was the (English) name of the group of islands that is today a part of Papua-New Guinea?
    Answer: (Two Words, named after a German leader)

7. Also aquired by Germany in the South Seas 1884-85 was an island group that is today an independent state. It includes the islands of Kwajalein and Enewetak. Which island group is that?
    Answer: (Two Words)

8. Germany purchased several islands in the South Seas from Spain in 1899. Which were they?
    Carolines, Marianas and Guam
    Carolines, Marianas and Palau
    Solomon Islands, Samoa and Nauru
    Solomon Islands, Samoa and Tonga

9. Another South Sea island group was partitioned between Germany and USA in 1899. Which one?
    Answer: (One word)

10. This island group which includes Bougainville and Buka Islands was divided between Germany and Britain in 1886. Which one?
    Answer: (Two Words)

11. This island which today is the world´s smallest republic was annexed by Germany in 1888.
    Answer: (One word)

12. The Germans named a city in Tanganyika 'Bismarckburg'. Which city?
    Dar es Salaam

13. The most short-lived of all German colonies was this sultanate, which was under German control 1885-1890.
    Hadimu (Jembe)

14. In 1911 Germany gave up its claims in this country in exchange for the French cession of New Cameroons. Which?
    Answer: (One word)

15. This area in China was under German control 1898-1914. The chief town is Qingdao (Tsingtao).

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