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Annie Hall

Created by mariannafunk

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Annie Hall game quiz
"Woody Allen's best film, and worth repeated viewings to capture all of the gags, and fun flashbacks in the movie."

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1. Where does Alvy Singer, played by Woody Allen, first meet Annie Hall, played by Diane Keaton?
    They are introduced at a tennis club in New York City.
    They meet in a bar where Annie is singing.
    They bump into each other on the street.
    They meet at an auditorium where Alvy is performing.

2. As Annie and Alvy are leaving the tennis club, they see each other, and talk. Annie ends up offering Alvy a ride. What kind of car does she drive?
    VW Bug

3. Alvy and Annie end up at Annie's apartment, and have some wine. Alvy notices some black and white photos of Annie's brother. What famous actor plays Annie's brother?
    Art Garfunkel
    Christopher Walken
    Michael Keaton
    John Hurt

4. What movie does Alvy go to the theatre to see over and over?
    The Sorrow and the Pity
    The Diary of Anne Frank
    The Trial at Nuremberg
    The Great Escape

5. While waiting in line for a movie with Annie, Alvy is annoyed by a professor who is trying to impress his date about his knowledge on various subjects, including the works of what famous author?
    Tennesee Williams
    George Plimpton
    Marshall McLuhan
    Truman Capote

6. Where did Alvy live as a child?
    Beside the roller coaster ride at Coney Island.
    Under the roller coaster ride at Coney Island.
    In Brooklyn, by a train station.
    Next to the Bronx Zoo.

7. Annie takes Alvy to her parent's house, and they have dinner. Alvy notices that things seem a little uncomfortable. When the grandmother looks at Alvy, she sees a bearded, Hasidic Jew.

8. In another flashback, the audience sees Alvy as a red-headed child in his elementary school classroom. Woody Allen narrates the scene describing some students, and then the students stand up and tell the audience what they are doing today. Which following groups of three are correct?
    Teacher, "Into" leather, policeman.
    "Into" leather, heroine addict, convict.
    Doctor, "Into" leather, plumbing president.
    "Into" leather, plumbing president , methadone addict.

9. When Alvy visits Annie's brother, Christopher Walken's character, in his room, what does the brother secretly confess?
    He sometimes wants to drive his car over a cliff.
    He sometimes wishes he would not wake up in the morning.
    He sometimes wants to stop on railroad tracks and wait for a train to hit him.
    He sometimes wants to drive head-on into another car.

10. Alvy discusses several failed relationships with the audience in flashbacks. Name two famous actresses, and their character's professions in the movie.
    Shelley Hack, model; and Beverly D'Angelo, actress.
    Shelley Duvall, reporter for Rolling Stone; and Carol Kane, theatre coordinator.
    Sigourney Weaver, author; and Shelley Duvall, reporter for Rolling Stone.
    Carol Kane, theatre coordinator; and Beverly D'Angelo, model.

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