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The Barrie Music Scene

Created by kyleisalive

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The Barrie Music Scene game quiz
"You've probably never heard of Barrie, Ontario. Well, every once in a while, some big musical event will happen in or around Barrie. Can you answer these questions pertaining to Barrie's music scene? Good luck!"

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1. One of the most popular events in Barrie's music scene has been the Live 8 concert that was held at Molson Park Place. Which band did not perform in Barrie during this event?
    The Tragically Hip
    Barenaked Ladies
    Sarah McLachlan

2. Since 1995, one festival has been held in downtown Barrie in support of a specific genre of music. What genre is featured?
    Jazz and Blues
    Classic Rock

3. Another big concert is held in Barrie basically every year. This tour hosts tons of punk and rock bands and it's usually sponsored by skateboarding companies. What is the name of this tour?
    Skewed Tour
    Warped Tour
    Twisted Tour
    Distortion Tour

4. In 2005, one famous band performed at Park Place for their "American Idiot" tour. What was the name of that band?
    Answer: (Two Words)

5. Molson has had a love-hate relationship with this festival, and although it used to be held at Park Place, it has also been held at Ontario Place and the Molson Amphitheater. First created by CFNY-Radio, what is the name of this festival?

6. Here's proof that a little appearance on TV can get you somewhere. Which of these Barrie bands is comprised of former "Canadian Idol" contestants?
    A Voice to Fade
    St. Eves
    Count Me In

7. Just a bit outside Barrie is the annual Beachfest. Where is this music festival held?
    Centennial Beach
    Wasaga Beach
    Barry's Bay

8. This venue has contained performances by Bachman and Cummings, Stompin' Tom Connors, and Jann Arden amongst others. Which large building is this?
    The McLaren Art Center
    The Allandale Recreation Center
    The Barrie Molson Center
    The Southshore Center

9. In Collingwood, about an hour away from Barrie, an annual festival is held to remember which famous singer?
    Johnny Cash
    Bob Marley
    Stompin' Tom Connors
    Elvis Presley

10. The Kee to Bala is one of Canada's top concert locations. Where can it be found?
    In the heart of Downtown Barrie, on Kempenfelt Bay
    Brampton, to the south of Barrie
    Muskoka, to the north of Barrie
    Parry Sound, along Georgian Bay

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