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Guess The Ronan Keating Song

Created by lynn-ann

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Keating, Ronan
Guess The Ronan Keating Song game quiz
"Guess the Name of the song. I will give you a line from a Ronan Keating song and you give me the title of the song. Very easy. Have fun."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "Hugging everyone I meet". In which song is Ronan hugging everyone he meets?
    I Love it When We Do
    Life is a Rollercoaster
    Lovin' each Day
    Back in the Back Seat

2. "Now I live with the regret". In what song does Ronan live with the regret?
    If Tomorrow Never Comes
    She Believes in Me
    The Long Goodbye
    Somebody Else

3. "Words don't come easily". When don't words come easily for Ronan?
    Baby Can I Hold You
    Father and Son
    When You Say Nothing At All

4. In what song does Ronan ask us to "Give faith a fighting chance"?
    You Needed Me
    She Believes in Me
    We've Got Tonight
    I Hope You Dance

5. "In her strawberry eyes". In what song soes Ronan mention strawberry eyes?
    Let Her Down Easy
    First Time
    Back in the Day
    Lost for Words

6. "You made us be tough". In what song does Ronan use this line?
    In This Life
    When the Going Gets Tough
    This is Your Song

7. "You can light up the dark". What song?
    When You Say Nothing At All
    Brighter days
    The Way You Make Me Feel

8. "There's nothing real". What song does this line come from?
    To Be Loved
    Just When I'd Given up Dreaming
    Back in the Backseat
    Heal Me

9. "I'd die for you". In what song would Ronan die for you?
    This I Promise You
    Only For You
    All Over Again

10. What song starts with "Valentines and butterflies"?
    First Time
    Last Thing On My Mind
    Lost For Words
    Father and Son

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Compiled Jun 28 12