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"New Tricks" Series Three

Created by sallyo

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New Tricks Series Three game quiz
"I think "New Tricks" is one of the best shows around. The questions in this quiz all pertain to the first four episodes of series three."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In "Dockers", episode two of "New Tricks", series three, Brian took Scruffy, the dog, to the UCOS office. What did Scruffy do there?
    All these things
    He swallowed one of Brian's pills
    He suffered flatulence
    He drank Gerry's wine

2. A UCOS member got a tattoo in a series three episode. What was it?
    a penguin
    a heart and arrow
    a rose
    a teddy bear

3. In one series three episode of "New Tricks", Esther found one of Brian's pills. What did Brian claim it was?
    A worm pill for Scruffy
    A slug pellet
    Esther's own headache pill
    A piece of ornamental gravel from a fish tank

4. In series three of "New Tricks", Brian got a new dog. What was it named?

5. One of the UCOS team was hospitalised with a mysterious illness in series three of "New Tricks". Who was it?

6. Who claimed to enjoy a nice sparkling Lambrusco in a series three episode of "New Tricks"?

7. In the episode "Diamond Geezer" in "New Tricks", series three, what song did Gerry sing?
    Hot Stuff
    Burn Baby, Burn
    Come on Baby, Light My Fire
    Ring of Fire

8. While Brian was working undercover as a wealthy property buyer in "Diamond Geezer", what habit did he affect?
    He twiddled an earring
    He smoked a cigar
    He chewed gum
    He swigged from a hipflask

9. Who received a wreath in episode four of series three of "New Tricks", and what did she or he do with it?
    Sandra. She labelled it as evidence.
    Jack. He binned it.
    Gerry. He hurriedly paid a debt.
    Brian. He gave it to Esther.

10. Which of the UCOS team originally worked on the case of Nancy Murray's death in her husband's sports car?

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Compiled Jun 28 12