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Genesis of the Bible

Created by happychristian

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Genesis of the Bible game quiz
"This quiz is focused on the book of Genesis in the Bible. I have used the NAS for the information in this quiz. The questions are all multiple choice. Have fun! :)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What did God guard (block) the Garden of Eden with?
    German Shepherd
    Cherubim and flaming sword

2. What was the name of Adam and Eve's third son?

3. What were the names of Jacob's wives?
    Leah and Rachel
    Sarah and Rebekah
    Hagar and Sarah
    Rebekah and Rachel

4. What got Joseph out of jail?
    A monkey
    The Pharaoh said he'd been in jail long enough
    An angel
    His correct dream interpretations

5. On his way to Haran, what did Jacob dream about?
    Wrestling with a messenger of God
    Giving a son a colorful coat
    A ladder with angels ascending and descending

6. Why did Abraham leave his hometown of Ur?
    He followed a cloud
    To preach to the people of Canaan
    He was banished
    God told him to

7. Where did God tell Abraham to take Isaac to sacrifice him?
    Mt. Sinai
    Mt. Ararat

8. What were the names of Isaac's sons?
    Jacob and Esau
    Abel and Esau
    Jacob and Cain
    Joseph and Esau

9. How did Isaac choose who to marry?
    He didn't marry
    It was an arranged marriage
    God chooses for him through a servant
    He found someone beautiful

10. According to the Bible, what kind of animal did Noah not take on the ark with him?
    He took all types of animals

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