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Disputed Territories

Created by mstanaway

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Disputed Territories game quiz
"Irredentism is an international relations term advocating the annexation of territories administered by another on the grounds of ethnicity and or prior historical possession. Here are some recent examples of irredentist claims by two or more parties"

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1. This island is within sight of the Chinese mainland province of Fujian, is heavily fortified and was the focus of international tension in the 1950s and 60s.
    Hong Kong
    Iwo Jima

2. Seized by the Soviet Union at the end of World War II these four islands form part of an island chain that are claimed by Japan as part of their Northern Territories.
    Ryuku islands
    Aleutian islands
    Kurile islands
    Sakhalin island

3. Two remote areas in the Himalayas were seized by China in a short border war with India in which year?

4. The inhabitants of these islands are mainly farmers and are descendents of the current administering power. Ownership of the islands is disputed by a neighboring power which staged an invasion leading to war in 1982.
    Galapagos islands
    South Orkney islands
    Faeroe islands
    Falkland islands

5. During one of the many Middle East wars/conflicts over the past 60 years, Israel seized an area of land it calls the Golan Heights from neighboring Syria. Which war was this?
    1948-49 War of Independence
    1969-70 War of Attrition
    1973 Yom Kippur War
    1967 Six Day War

6. A force of South Vietnamese marines was ousted by the Chinese from this group of islands in the South China sea after a naval gun battle in 1974.
    Cocos islands
    Rowley shoals
    Paracel islands
    Andaman islands

7. The ownership of 25sq km of land at the foot of Mt Hermon and known as the Shebaa farms is disputed by which countries?
    Palestine and Israel
    Israel and Syria
    Israel and Lebanon
    Syria and Lebanon

8. The sparsely populated territory known as the Western Sahara is occupied by a neighboring country. This occupation is contested by the Polisario Front an indigenous resistance movement supported by another nearby country. Which country occupies the Western Sahara?

9. The Spratly Islands are a widely scattered collection of reefs and low lying islands in the South China Sea. Their ownership is disputed by which of these neighboring countries?
    China and Taiwan
    All six of them
    Malaysia and Brunei
    Philippines and Vietnam

10. The area of Alsace Lorraine in eastern France has changed hands how many times during the 19th and 20th centuries?

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