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Keep the Faith - Wigan Casino

Created by Jaxtah

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Keep the Faith  Wigan Casino game quiz
"If you remember Northern Soul, Wigan Casino and the famous 'All-Nighters', then this quiz will bring it all back."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Where in Wigan could you find Wigan Casino?
    Park Road
    Station Road

2. The first 'All-Nighter' started at what time?

3. Who was the first DJ (disc jockey) for the inaugural 'All-Nighter'?
    Russ Winstanley
    Ian Fishwick
    Jimmy Saville
    Johnny Walker

4. Wigan Casino had a 'sister' club. What was it called?
    Mr. P's
    Mr. T's
    Mr. Q's
    Mr. M's

5. What was the original name of the building that became Wigan Casino?
    Wigan's Empire Ballroom
    Wigan's Empress Ballroom
    The Palais, Wigan
    The Twisted Wheel

6. The date of the very first 'All-Nighter'?
    September 23rd 1974
    September 23rd 1971
    September 23rd 1973
    September 23rd 1972

7. Wigan Casino hosted an array of soul stars from both sides of the Atlantic. Which one of these acts did NOT appear?
    Edwin Starr
    The Tams
    Jimmy Ruffin
    James Brown

8. In 1975 'Skiing in the Snow' was a hit in the UK for which band?
    Wigan's Oration
    Wigan's Chosen Few
    Wigan's Occupation
    Wigan's Ovation

9. American music magazine 'Billboard' officially voted Wigan Casino 'The Best Disco in the World' ahead of New York's 'Studio 54' in 1978.

10. The date that Wigan Casino closed its doors forever on the famous 'All-Nighters'?
    1st September 1981
    19th September 1981
    6th December 1981
    2nd October 1981

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Compiled Jun 28 12