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The UK's Most Talentless Celebrities

Created by stedman

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The UKs Most Talentless Celebrities game quiz
"The UK is becoming increasingly swamped by a tidal wave of talentless so-called "celebrities" who are famous simply for being famous. Can you summon up the enthusiasm to get to the end of a quiz on these pointless non-entities?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This individual was first catapulted to fame following her appearance on the 2002 UK "Big Brother" show. After that appearance, she retained a surprising degree of ongoing celebrity, based largely on frequent demonstrations of a staggering level of stupidity, which presumably enables even the least educated of people to look down on her in a superior kind of way.
    Sophie Anderton
    Victoria Beckham
    Jade Goody
    Nancy Dell'Olio

2. This one-time nurse first hit the headlines in 2002 when her then boyfriend, UK TV presenter John Leslie, was charged with assaulting another "celebrity". She subsequently built a career based on modelling and appearances on "Reality TV" shows. In 2006 she appeared on the London stage in two one-act plays by Arthur Miller.
    Melanie Blatt
    Ulrika Jonsson
    Abi Titmuss
    Victoria Beckham

3. Some people have claimed that the sole basis of this woman's claim to celebrity was being the fiancée of England footballer Wayne Rooney. But she in fact showed herself to be a highly experienced shopper, capable of carrying up to ten fashion-store carrier bags at one time. Who is she?
    Victoria Beckham
    Colleen McLoughlin
    Cheryl Gascoigne
    Abigail Clancy

4. A throw-back to the British public's one-time fascination with young members of the aristocracy behaving badly in public, the father of this media-styled "It Girl" was a close friend of Prince Charles. She was the runner-up on the first series of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here!"
    Camilla Parker-Bowles
    Victoria Beckham
    Tiggy Legge-Bourke
    Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

5. This individual shot to tabloid fame in April 2004 when she claimed to have had a relationship with the then England football captain, David Beckham, when officially employed as his Personal Assistant.
    Victoria Beckham
    Rebecca Loos
    Emma Bunton
    Natasha Hamilton

6. Under her real name of Katie Price, this glamour model stood as a Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency of Stretford and Urmston in the 2001 UK General Election. She polled 713 votes.
    Kate Moss
    Victoria Beckham
    Nell McAndrew

7. This keen party-goer became the subject of media attention because her father was the one-time lead singer of rock group "The Boomtown Rats" (along with her sisters, Fifi Trixibelle and Little Pixie, and her half-sister, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger-Lily).
    Victoria Beckham
    Jade Jagger
    Stella McCartney
    Peaches Geldof

8. This former officer in the British Household Cavalry hit the headlines when it was revealed that he had had a long-running affair with Diana, Princess of Wales. Enormous quantities of vilification were heaped on his head (while the blessed Diana's halo remained characteristically untarnished).
    Victor Beckham
    James Hewitt
    Dodi Fayed
    Will Carling

9. This next person achieved public notoriety in 2004 when it was revealed that she had enjoyed affairs with both Sven-Goran Eriksson (at that time manager of the England national football team) and the Football Association's Chief Executive, Mark Palios.
    Cheryl Tweedy
    Victoria Beckham
    Faria Alam
    Jodie Marsh

10. Perhaps the quintessential non-celebrity, this person first came to notice when she appeared on the UK "Celebrity Big Brother" programme in January 2006. The joke was that she wasn't a celebrity at all, but had to pretend to the other housemates that she was, and that she belonged to a (fictional) band called Kandy Floss.
    Victoria Beckham
    Chantelle Houghton
    Natalie Appleton
    Jenny Frost

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