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Stranded with Robinson Crusoe

Created by munchkinn

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Defoe, Daniel
Stranded with Robinson Crusoe game quiz
"Let's see what you know about Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe.""

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What did Crusoe's father tell Crusoe he would do if Crusoe did not go to sea?
    find him a wife
    disinherit him
    help him get started
    buy him his own private ship

2. What type of animal did Crusoe NOT have as a pet?
    a cat
    a sheep
    a parrot
    a goat

3. How did Crusoe mark off the number of days he had been on the island?
    notched them on a wooden stake
    scratched them into the cave wall
    wrote them in his diary
    etched them onto a wooden slate

4. What did Crusoe NOT create while on the island?
    an umbrella
    a wheelbarrow
    a table and chairs

5. Which edible plants grew on the island after Crusoe threw the seeds away?

6. What was a delicacy for Crusoe to eat?

7. What did Crusoe name his new companion?

8. What did Crusoe see on the beach that terrified him?
    a dead parrot
    a tribe of cannibals
    a footprint
    one of his goats that got loose

9. How did Crusoe and Friday get off the island?
    They saw a ship and lit a rescue fire
    They rescued a ship's captain from mutineers
    They built a canoe and floated out to sea
    They were found by merchants and taken to England

10. How long was Crusoe stranded on the island?
    3 years and 4 months
    13 years and 15 months
    11 months
    28 years and two months

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Compiled Jun 28 12