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Top Movies of 1980

Created by thejazzkickazz

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Top Movies of 1980 game quiz
"Please be so kind as to allow me the indulgence of taking a look at my top ten film list from the year 1980. Obviously, this is based on opinion (and limited only to films I've actually seen) but I hope you find it interesting and worth your time, enjoy."

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1. One of the great films in American cinematic history, 'Raging Bull' garnered Robert De Niro a well deserved Best Actor Oscar. What boxer did Mr. De Niro play in this excellent black and white film that helped usher in the 1980s?
    Rocky Marciano
    Jake LaMotta
    Chuck Wepner
    Jack Dempsey

2. My personal favorite of the series, 'The Empire Strikes Back' was the second installment of the original 'Star Wars' trilogy. Which of these popular 'Star Wars' characters was *not* newly introduced in this magnificent sequel of 1980?
    Boba Fett
    Jabba the Hut

3. 'Here's Johnny!' Who can forget that immortal line uttered by the deranged Jack Nicholson character in the 1980 horror film 'The Shining'? Certainly not me! What legendary director impeccably brought this excellent film to the big screen?
    Alfred Hitchcock
    Stanley Kubrick
    Fred Zinneman
    David Lean

4. The late 70s and early 80s were a period of blossoming for the Australian film industry. Take 'Breaker Morant', for example, a well-directed film that stands the test of time. During what war does this interesting drama take place?
    World War I
    Boer War
    World War II
    Korean War

5. A deformed 19th-century British man goes from living miserably as a member of a circus freakshow to a life of measured respectability, though, because of his unbelievable disfigurement, he is never really able to fit into society. What film of 1980 tells this stunning story?
    The Elephant Man
    The Doctor
    The Man Without a Face

6. One of the last films by Akira Kurosawa, this breathtaking epic tells the story of one of the great periods of Japanese history, when warlord Tokugawa Ieyasu takes control of the Japanese government, but in microcosm, focusing on a thief who replaces another warlord vying for power against Tokugawa. Filled with intrigue, drama and big war scenes, what is this Oscar-nominated 1980 film?
    Insaaf Ka Tarazu
    Divine Madness
    Red Beard

7. John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd teamed up cinematically for the first time in 1980, with expectedly spectacular results, appearing in the 1980 film 'The Blues Brothers'. In what city and its metropolitan confines does this riotous action/comedy/musical take place?
    New York
    New Orleans

8. What classic Hollywood star appears in the film 'Atlantic City' as an aging, low-level gangster, who has romantic visions of the past and exciting delusions about the future?
    Glenn Ford
    Burt Lancaster
    Kirk Douglas
    William Holden

9. 'The Long Good Friday' is an excellent, overlooked film about a big-time British gangster who is attempting to 'go legit' with the help of American mafia money. What British actor plays the lead role of Harold Shand in this movie about the dying days of traditional organized crime?
    Anthony Hopkins
    Peter Sellers
    Gary Oldman
    Bob Hoskins

10. A family, consisting of father Donald Sutherland, mother Mary Tyler Moore and son Timothy Hutton, are still coming to terms with the death of another son, with varying degrees of success. Compounding the problem is a rift that has appeared between the Moore and Hutton characters, making life difficult for everyone. What Robert Redford-directed film is described here?
    On Golden Pond
    Ordinary People
    The Deer Hunter
    Terms of Endearment

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