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The Stuarts in England : IV

Created by LiamR

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : House of Stuart
The Stuarts in England  IV game quiz
"Number four in my series of Stuart quizzes. See how much you know about James II's reign, the Glorious Revolution and events that followed!"

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1. The death of King Charles II brought to the throne his brother, the Duke of York (sole surviving child of Charles I and Henrietta Maria) as King James II. How old was he on his accession?

2. On what date were James II and Queen Mary Beatrice crowned?
    23 April 1685
    19 October 1685
    1 June 1685
    1 July 1686

3. James, however, soon provoked a storm of protest when he announced his intention to repeal the _____ Act.
    Answer: (One four-letter word, an anti-Catholic law)

4. In the Netherlands, the Princess of Orange was upset by her husband's affair with one of her ladies-in-waiting. What was her name?
    Susan Villiers
    Elizabeth Villiers
    Arabella Churchill
    Catherine Darnley

5. What was the purpose of the Declaration of Indulgence, issued by James in April 1687?
    It forced all Protestants from public office
    It gave Catholics freedom of worship
    It allowed James to choose a Catholic successor
    It abolished the Church of England

6. King James's long-coveted son was born on 10 June 1688. What was his full name?
    Charles James Henry
    James Edward Francis
    James Francis Edward
    Charles Edward Louis

7. How many lords signed a letter to William of Orange, begging him to come to England to save it from Catholicism?

8. On what date did King James II flee England?
    13 December 1688
    1 December 1688
    23 December 1688
    10 January 1689

9. Where in Ireland did James II land in March 1689 with a view to reclaiming the throne?

10. In June 1692, Mary Beatrice gave birth to her last child, what was this child's name?
    Louise Marie
    Maria Anne

11. What was the cause of Mary II's falling out with her sister Anne in 1693?
    Anne had been writing letters to their exiled father.
    Anne's continued friendship with Sarah Churchill.
    Mary thought Anne was trying to upstage her.
    Anne had openly insulted William.

12. How did Queen Mary II die?
    Heart attack

13. Another result of Mary's death was the restoration of John Churchill in the royal good books. To what position was he appointed in 1698?
    Lord High Admiral
    Master of the Horse to Princess Anne
    Governor of the Duke of Gloucester
    Commander-in-chief of the army

14. 1701 and 1702 saw two deaths in the royal family. Who died?
    King James II and Queen Mary Beatrice
    King William III and Prince George
    Princess Anne and King James II
    King James II and King William III

15. Did Queen Anne wear mourning for her first meeting with parliament?

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