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Created by phat dawg

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Drumline
Drumline game quiz
"Hey everyone, this quiz is about general knowledge of the movie "Drumline". Hope you all watched the whole movie!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the college that Devon Miles (Nick Cannon) attends?
    Atlanta A and T
    University of Georgia (UGA)
    Georgia Tech
    Morris Brown

2. At the beginning of the movie, where does Devon's dad work?
    Ticket office for the subway
    In the local high school as a teacher

3. Who is Sean?
    The band director
    The leader of the drumline
    Devon's roommate
    One of the fraternity brothers

4. Devon's explanation for his roommate being late is that "he is not his roommate's daddy."

5. What is the concept?
    One band, one sound.
    Together as one.
    Together we win.
    Together we play.

6. Jason loses his spot to his roommate before the first performance.

7. When we first meet Laila, what is her major?

8. Who is the TV announcer for the BET Big Southern Classic?
    Stuart Scott
    Chris Berman
    Trey Wingo
    Scott Van Pelt

9. Who is the famous rapper that Morris Brown uses in their performance?
    Petey Pablo
    50 Cent
    Snoop Dogg

10. What is the outcome of the "BET Big Southern Classic"?
    Morris Brown wins after initial judging
    Morris Brown wins in a drumline battle
    Atlanta A&T wins in a drumline battle
    Atlanta A&T wins after initial judging

11. On the bus on the way to Atlanta A and T for the first time, who is the first person to introduce himself?

12. Ernest joins an Honorary Band Fraternity.

13. As things are taking a turn for the better, after Devon's fight with Laila and his removal from the band, there is a scene where he is shown outside on the campus, talking with some friends. What song is playing in the background as he sees Laila?
    "Been Away" - Q "The Kid"
    "Club Banger"- Petey Pablo
    "Let's Go"- Trick Daddy
    "Shout it Out" - Too Short & Bun B

14. What song was the band playing at Devon's high school graduation?
    The World's Greatest
    I Believe I Can Fly

15. What is mandatory for all A and T musicians?
    All A and T musicians must read music
    All A and T musicians must practice 10 hours a week
    All A and T musicians must maintain a 3.0 GPA
    All A and T musicians must be left handed

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Compiled Jun 28 12