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Rocky Balboa

Created by Bruce007

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Rocky Balboa game quiz
"This quiz is all about the events of the 2006 entry of the "Rocky" mega-franchise, "Rocky Balboa". In it, Rocky returns to the ring against a new opponent. Enjoy my quiz!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The first scene showed Rocky waking up from his bed. He fed his turtles, Cuff and Link, and then headed to the cemetery to sit near the grave of someone dear to him, who had passed away. Who died?

2. After folding up his chair in the graveyard, Rocky headed to his restaurant, which he happened to name after his wife. There, the viewers of the film were reintroduced to the first ever character from the "Rocky" film, apart from Rocky himself. Who was it?
    Mick Goldmill
    Spider Rico
    Al Gervain

3. After meeting an old acquaintance, named Marie, Rocky went with Paulie to go reminisce about Adrian's passing. To which of the following places, did Rocky not take Paulie?
    The pet shop, where Adrian worked
    The front of Rocky's old apartment building
    Paulie's house, where Rocky first got Adrian to go on a date with him
    The ice skating rink

4. The heavyweight champion of the world was Mason "The Line" Dixon. Mason successfully defended his title at one point in the film. Seeming invincible, he and his entourage were proud of their victory. Everyone in the crowd was cheering and rooting for the young man, after his victory.

5. In a segment of "Man Vs. Machine", on the ESPN Network, in the film, a computer simulation was done of a fight between Rocky Balboa, in his prime, and Mason "The Line" Dixon. Which of the two boxers came out on top, in the simulation?
    Answer: (Two Words - Full name, first name, or last name)

6. After acquiring his boxing license, due to some persuasive words, Rocky wanted to get back into the rink and fight in some small bouts. After Paulie got fired from the meat-packing plant, he volunteered to help Rocky, in his training. Mason's manager visited Rocky's restaurant to persuade Rocky to fight his champ. Where was the bout set to take place?
    New York
    Las Vegas

7. At the press conference, before the match, Rocky and Mason, were targeted by the press. Mason defended himself, but Rocky said nothing, despite being called a has-been. On Rocky's panel were three people. Which of the following wasn't one of them?
    Paulie Pennino
    Duke Evers

8. Duke had to find a training regime suitable for the aging Rocky. He said that hard-running, and sparring were out of the question. What did Duke call the style that Rocky was going to train for?
    Hard hit knockout
    Lightning thunder
    Bomb force coma
    Blunt force trauma

9. Before starting the bout, Spider Rico gave a blessing to Rocky. Like his other fights the first round was where Rocky was devastated and bombed by attacks. That first round did not fare well for Rocky, but in the second round, Mason Dixon suffered a minor injury, that allowed Rocky to rebound. What did Mason "The Line" Dixon injure?
    His back
    His neck
    His left hand
    His right knee

10. Who ended up winning the real fight, between Rocky and Mason?
    Answer: (Two Words - Full name, first name, or last name)

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Compiled Jun 28 12