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Final Letter - M

Created by minch

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Final Letter  M game quiz
"Start with a two three or four letter word, add M to the end to make another word. The answer is a phrase made by these two words. Use the hint for order of words. Friend of tree - palm pal (or pal palm)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Edgar Allan work
    Answer: (Two words 3 4)

2. In favour of fashion
    Answer: (Two words 3 4)

3. Battle heated
    Answer: (Two Words)

4. Lipton group
    Answer: (Two words 3 4 What was their preferred drink?)

5. Kanga's child has living space
    Answer: (Two words 3 4 Think Winnie the Pooh)

6. Burn good luck token
    Answer: (Two Words 4 5)

7. Actual kingdom
    Answer: (Two words 4 5)

8. Fashion computer part
    Answer: (Two words 4 5)

9. Carry Indian pole
    Answer: (Two words 4 5)

10. Conifer sound
    Answer: (Two words 3 4)

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Compiled Jun 28 12