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"Nacho Libre": Don't Mess With The Luchador

Created by koshiro

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Nacho Libre Dont Mess With The Luchador game quiz
"Welcome to a quiz on "Nacho Libre". This comedy stars Jack Black who plays Ignacio, a friar who dreams of becoming a wrestling star."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is Ignacio's primary job at the monastery?
    a teacher
    a cook
    an alter boy
    a maintenance worker

2. What special ingredient is added to the monastery's food that makes it flavorful?
    lemon pepper
    chili peppers

3. Who says "Do you not realize that I've had diarrheas since Easters?"
    Sister Encarnación
    one of the brothers from the church

4. Who is Ignacio's tag-team partner in his quest for wrestling stardom?

5. What wrestling move does Nacho use to try and finish off his first opponent?
    camel clutch
    anaconda squeeze
    chicken hold
    Mexican crab lock

6. After loosing his wrestling matches, Ignacio is frustrated and gets some advice from Steven. What does Steven say will help Ignacio become a better wrestler?
    eagle eggs
    badger meat
    goat milk
    poppy seeds

7. Ignacio and Steven decide to crash Ramses' party but only Steven is able to climb the wall and sneak into the house. How does Ignacio find his way into the house?
    He pretends to be one of the musicians and walks in.
    He puts on a robe and gets in as one of the wrestlers.
    He climbs the roof and enters through in an open window.
    He pays the security person 50 pesos to let him through.

8. Does Nacho win any wrestling matches during the movie?

9. Ignacio is embarrassed by the trouble he has caused to the monastery and decides to leave to go into the wilderness. What does Chancho give Ignacio before he leaves?
    his lucky jade charm
    an eagle egg
    his lucky machete
    a loaded pistol

10. How does Steven find Ignacio after he has left for the wilderness?
    He sees him from the village.
    He scours the desert.
    He tracks his footprints.
    He makes some phone calls.

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Compiled Jun 28 12