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Created by nivla2

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Curling
Curling game quiz
"This quiz contains basic questions about curling. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. If a team's rock is the closest to this, that team scores points in that end. What is it?
    Hog line

2. If a team accidentally touches a rock in play, that team has committed which rule infraction?
    Free guard zone violation
    Burning the rock
    Faulting the delivery

3. How does international curling differ from Canadian curling when it comes to the dimensions of the sheet of ice?
    It is wider
    It is longer
    It is narrower
    It is shorter

4. What is a bonspiel?
    A curling tournament
    A type of curling rink
    A special type of delivery
    A special scoring system used in Europe

5. There are two ways to score if you are playing a game that utilizes the skins format. One of which is to steal at least one point if you do not have hammer. What is the other?
    Blank an end
    Score at least one point with hammer
    Score at least two points with hammer
    Score at least three points with hammer

6. You have just blanked an end. What just happened?
    You fell and injured yourself
    You conceded the end
    You were warned for too many rule infractions
    No points were scored in the end

7. A right-handed curler just threw an out-turn. Which way is the rock rotating as it travels down the ice?
    Counter clockwise
    It bounces and tumbles before traveling down the ice
    It does not rotate at all as it travels down the ice

8. It is mandatory that you use the hack when you throw your rock.

9. The skip on your team has set their broom down as a target for you. You tell them that you need more ice. What did you just ask your skip to do?
    Move the broom closer to the intended final destination of the rock
    Move the broom further away from the intended final destination of the rock
    Call a time out
    Make it aware to the officials that there is an injury on your team

10. Congratulations! Your team has just won the Brier! Which of the following is true?
    Your team has just won a state championship for the state of Wisconsin
    Your team will represent Canada in the next Winter Olympics
    Your team has just won the Canadian men's curling championship
    Your team will represent the United States of America in the next Winter Olympics

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Compiled Jun 28 12