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The Life and Times of Richard III

Created by Cymruambyth

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The Life and Times of Richard III game quiz
"Forget everything you've ever heard about Richard III. This quiz is about the real Richard, not the monster conjured by Tudor propagandists. I dedicate this quiz to all Ricardians and to fellow FunTrivia member Mutchisman for reasons he knows about."

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1. Who was the man who came forward with information that prompted Richard, Duke of Gloucester to depose his nephew Edward?
    Robert Stillington
    Lord Hastings
    Duke of Buckingham
    Lord Lovell

2. "The catte, the ratte and Lovell our dogge
Rulyth all England under the hogge."
Who are the catte, the ratte, the dogge and the hogge?
    Lord William Catesby, Lord Richard Ratcliff, Sir Francis Lovell and Richard III
    Sir William Catesby, Sir Richard Ratcliff, Lord Francis Lovell and Richard III
    Sir William Catesby, Lord Richard Ratcliff, Sir Francis Lovell and Richard III
    Sir William Catesby, Sir Richard Ratcliff, Sir Francis Lovell and Richard III

3. Who was known as 'The Rose of Raby' and what part did she play in Richard's life?
    Katherine Plantagenet, Richard's illegitimate daughter
    Isabella Neville, Duchess of Clarence, Richard's sister-in-law
    Cecily Neville, Duchess of York, Richard's mother
    Anne Neville, Duchess of Gloucester/Queen, Richard's wife

4. How many children did Richard III father?
    Five all told
    One, maybe two
    Three, perhaps four
    Two, or perhaps three

5. Who was Katherine Haute?
    Richard's mistress after his marriage
    Richard's mistress prior to his marriage
    Richard's nurse
    Wife of the Earl of Warwick, Richard's uncle

6. Shakespeare's play 'Richard III' depicts Richard as a monster. On what did Shakespeare base his play?
    John Morton's personal papers
    The Croyland Chronicle
    Sir Thomas More's 'The History of King Richard III'
    Interviews with Richard's descendants

7. What was Titulus Regius?
    A document asserting Henry VII's right to the throne de force majure
    A document declaring Richard III the rightful king
    A document declaring Richard III a traitor
    A document declaring Edward IV's children illegitimate

8. Who was John Morton?
    Henry VII's Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor
    Richard III's personal chaplain
    Henry VII's personal chaplain
    Richard III's standard bearer at Bosworth

9. Who was Sir James Tyrrell and what's his part in this saga?
    He switched sides during the Battle of Bosworth
    He was the tutor of Edward V and Prince Richard of York
    He was Richard's tutor
    He confessed to killing the Princes on orders from Richard III

10. Who led the revolt against Richard in 1483?
    Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham
    William Herbert, Earl of Huntingdon
    Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick
    Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke

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