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"Dreamgirls" Part 2

Created by skunkee

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Dreamgirls Part 2 game quiz
"Based on the book by Tom Eyen about the careers of The Supremes, "Dreamgirls" enjoyed years of success on the stage. Bill Condon both directed the film and wrote the screenplay. Join me in a looking at the second half of this highly enjoyable movie."

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1. The girls launched into a successful career without James Early, with Deena established as the lead singer. Did Effie take this change gracefully?

2. What historical event served as a back-drop for one of the recording sessions?
    Martin Luther King's Assassination
    Apollo 11 Moon Landing
    Woodstock Folk Festival
    Detroit City Riots

3. Why was Effie removed from (and bought out of) the Dreamgirls?
    She was an alcoholic.
    She wanted to start a solo career.
    Her attitude was poor and she missed a lot of rehearsals.
    Deena refused to work with her anymore and demanded it.

4. Who did Deena marry?

5. Curtis was anxious to make Deena a movie star. What role did he really want her to play?
    Answer: (One Word - nine letters)

6. When we next saw Effie, she had burned through the money she received when kicked out of the group, and was living on social assistance with her almost nine year old daughter. Who was the father of her daughter?
    James Early
    Curtis Taylor Jr.
    Marty Madison
    A club owner whose name we never learn

7. Out of money and living on social assistance, Effie decided to try and pull her life back together. Who did she turn to for help?
    Deena Jones
    James Early
    Curtis Taylor Jr.
    Marty Madison

8. Where did Effie finally reunite with her brother?
    at one of her performances
    in the old recording studio
    on a street corner
    at James Early's wake

9. Who wrote Effie's come back song "One Night Only"?

10. Curtis ended up being confronted with the illegality of his acts and threatened with a lawsuit. He chose to back down instead, and put his support behind Effie's version of the song. Who provided the papers that gave proof of Curtis' wrongdoing?

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