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The Ring Two

Created by gman89

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The Ring Two game quiz
"It never stops..."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which character has been replaced by another actor/actress?

2. How does Rachel know when Aidan is possessed or not?
    He calls her "mommy" instead of "Rachel".
    His tone of voice changes.
    His eyes turn blue.
    He has no pulse.

3. What famous actor plays the role of Max?
    Martin Henderson
    Simon Baker
    Brian Cox
    Adam Brody

4. What event happens to Rachel's house, that causes her to have to move temporarily to Max's house?
    power outage
    one of the rooms catches on fire
    overflow of water
    termite infestation

5. Since Aidan never sleeps while possessed, what does Rachel do to force him into slumber?
    She knocks him over the head with a pan.
    She hypnotizes him.
    She sings him a lullaby.
    She puts prescription drugs in his food.

6. When Rachel gets pulled into Samara land, how does she figure to stop Samara once and for all?
    By giving her a severe talking to
    By drowning her in the well water
    By sealing the top of the well
    By throwing her off of the cliff

7. While still in Samara land, how does Rachel get out and back into the real world?
    She climbs through the distant television hole.
    She reappears after Aidan dreams about her.
    She knocks her shoes together repeating "There's no place like home".
    She follows Aidan's voice and jumps off the cliff.

8. Why doesn't Rachel want to take Aidan to a hospital?
    She thinks that they can't help him.
    She thinks she'd get arrested because of the evidence supporting that she's abusing him.
    She thinks too many people would watch the tape.
    She does want to take Aidan to a hospital, that's how he got there.

9. After being possessed, how does Rachel manage to talk to Aidan himself and not Samara?
    She can't, she got all of the advice from Evelyn.
    She has to wait until his temperature stabilizes.
    She has to go to sleep.
    She has to put Aidan in a bath.

10. After being drowned by Rachel, what does Samara do?
    She comes out of the of their television.
    She cries and teleports Rachel to her well, in her world.
    Nothing; she's dead once and for all.
    She possesses Aidan's dog.

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Compiled Jun 28 12