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Created by metalmtnman

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Arkansas game quiz
"I love my home state of Arkansas and I love to tell people all about it. The following are ten things not well known about this beautiful state."

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1. Arkansas has its own version of the Bigfoot creature known as the Fouke Monster. What is the cult classic movie that brought the Monster and a tiny Arkansas town to national attention?
    The Legend of Boggy Creek
    The Town that Dreaded Sundown
    The Swamp Ape
    Screams from the Forest

2. Located between the Arkansas and Petit Jean rivers, Mt. Magazine lies in which National Forest?
    Ozark National Forest
    St. Francis National Forest
    Ouachita National Forest
    Boston Mountains National Forest

3. Of these four counties in west Arkansas, which one has two Court Houses?

4. Author Ernest Hemingway and poet Maya Angelou both lived in Arkansas.

5. Miss Laura's, is the official welcome center of the city of Fort Smith on the Arkansas Oklahoma border. It is on the national register of historic places, what was this building originally used for?
    Railroad Depot
    Court House

6. Which of these are actual locations in Arkansas?
    Land 'o' Lakes park & Butcher Hollow
    Dogpatch & Booger hollow
    Vigo park and Palo Dura Canyon
    The Pavilion & Grand Strand

7. The standard point for the survey of the Louisiana Purchase was established in Arkansas

8. Born in Little Rock Arkansas, which of these actors is regarded as the worlds first cowboy movie star?
    Yakima Cannut
    Jackson Sundown
    Randolph Scott
    Broncho Billy Anderson

9. Which of President Jefferson's "Corps of Discovery" expeditions ascended the Ouachita River into Arkansas
    Hunter & Dunbar
    Lewis & Clark
    Carson & Barnes
    Crockett & Bowie

10. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, there were Japanese-American Relocation camps established in 2 tiny Arkansas towns, can you choose them from the choices below?
    Tillar & Elaine
    Rohwer & Jerome
    Cove & Abbott
    Rowell & Pansy

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Compiled Jun 28 12