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"Evil Star" by Anthony Horowitz Part 1

Created by thegogga

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Horowitz, Anthony
Evil Star by Anthony Horowitz Part 1 game quiz
"This is Anthony Horowitz's second installment of "The Power of Five," series, which takes off from where "Raven's Gate" left off. Considering it's a fairly long book, I've only done questions on the first half of the book! Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was the name of the show, hosted by Rex McKenna, that Gwenda Davis loved to watch?
    Wheel Of Fortune
    Hollywood Showdown
    Big Wheel
    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

2. What is the name of Matt's new school?
    Forest Hill
    Stone High
    Yorkshire High
    St. John's School for Boys

3. What is the name of Matt's English teacher?
    Mr Cole
    Mr O'Shaughnessy
    Mr King
    Mr Reed

4. When Matt arrived back at the flat after causing the chandelier to explode, Mr Fabian and Susan Ashwood were waiting for him, with the news that the diary of St Joseph of Cordoba had been found. What was the name of the man who discovered the diary in a market?
    Joseph Mallett
    William Morton
    Charles Baker
    Mortimer Johnson

5. A man called Harry Shepherd was driving a fuel truck along the M1, when he saw a hitch-hiker. Who was the hitch-hiker?
    We are not told the name

6. At Matt's school, what does Miss Ford teach?

7. Gwenda Davis drove a petrol tanker into Matt's school, in an attempt to kill Matt.

8. Matt and Richard agree to a meeting with the Nexus, due to the fact that Matt can never go back to school. When they get to the Nexus, one of the members is Nathalie Johnson. What is she sometimes referred to as?
    The female Bill Gates
    The next Queen of England
    The modern day Mother Teresa

9. The Nexus has arranged for the man who has the diary and Matt to meet at a certain place at twelve o'clock the next day, in order for Matt to receive the diary and for the man who has it to see if Matt really is "One of the Five." At what church do they arrange to meet?
    St. Eliza's
    St. Joan's
    St. Meredith's
    St. Mary's

10. Over the next few pages, we learn about a man called Diego Salamanda, who has an unusual deformity. What is this deformity?
    He has seven fingers on each hand
    All of these
    He is exceptionally short (3"8')
    His head is twice as long as normal

11. In order to prove that he is "One of the Five" to the man selling the diary, Matt is asked to go through a door in the church and bring something back. What does he bring back?
    A flower
    An amulet
    A book
    A piece of cloth

12. What were the fake names that Matt and Richard had been given to travel under?
    Mark and Robert Carter
    Paul and Robert Carter
    Alex and Mark Carter
    Mark and Paul Carter

13. What is the name of the man sent to pick Matt and Richard up at the airport in Peru?

14. After being attacked on the way to the hotel, Matt escapes, but Richard is captured. Matt keeps running and eventually collapses, and falls asleep. He is woken up by the boy we come to know as Pedro. What colour T-shirt is Pedro wearing?
    He is shirtless

15. When Matt is taken to the hotel, there are police there waiting for him, and it becomes clear after a while that they actually work for Diego Salamanda. They are about to drag Matt off, so that no one hears from him again, but someone intervenes and Matt is rescued. Who saves Matt?
    Answer: (One word- a name.)

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