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Now Leaving Newport

Created by guitargoddess

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'O.C.' - Seasons and Episodes
Now Leaving Newport game quiz
"Did you watch the fourth and final season of "The O.C."? If so, this quiz shouldn't be too hard for you! There were sixteen episodes in the fourth season, so there is almost one question per episode."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The first episode of the fourth season had the former Harbor School students separated. Which of the following is NOT correct?
    Seth was working at a comic book store
    Ryan was cage fighting
    Summer was at Brown
    Taylor was in Paris

2. In the second episode "The Gringos", Seth and Ryan went to Mexico, and Taylor visited Summer in Rhode Island. Who got a tattoo in this episode?

3. "The Cold Turkey" was this season's Thanksgiving episode. Summer came home from school. Taylor confessed her French marriage to her mother. And Ryan found Volchok. Did Ryan have Sandy's blessing to confront Volchok?

4. After visiting a psychiatrist to sort out her feelings about Marissa's death, Summer was able to return to her old ways of loving gossip, shopping and herself.

5. Who was Kaitlin's tennis instructor, who later went into business with Julie?

6. In "The Summer Bummer", Summer was kicked out of Brown University and headed back to Newport. Who ended up handcuffed to her in this episode?
    Answer: (One Word - a male character's first name)

7. Fans of "The O.C." look forward to celebrating the holidays with the gang every year - two holidays combined into one. This Chrismukkah, Ryan and Taylor had an accident while putting up Christmas lights and somehow end up in a parallel universe, complete with all of Newport's other residents - but nobody knew who they were. Was Marissa alive in the parallel universe?

8. "The Earth Girls Are Easy" marked the beginning of 2007 for the gang from Orange County. Seth, Summer, Ryan and Taylor headed for Vegas to celebrate New Year's, but encountered problems with a suspected pregnancy and a thieving "alien". Sandy had suspicions of his own in this episode - whom did he not trust?
    Ryan's new boss
    Julie's new boyfriend
    NewMatch's new accountant
    Jimmy Cooper

9. Who did NOT want to get married the day after Seth proposed?

10. Fill in the blank for the title of the book written by Taylor's ex-husband Henri-Michel: "A Season for __________"
    Answer: (1 word only)

11. In "The Dream Lover", Che took Seth on a spiritual journey in the woods so that Seth could have a vision. What animal was Seth's spirit?
    a kangaroo
    an otter
    a Siberian tiger
    an emu

12. In "The Groundhog Day" Seth was arrested for helping Che try to free the town groundhog. Was this the first time Seth had been arrested?

13. Who had a "Case of the Franks"?
    Answer: (One Word -first name only)

14. Which of these events happened at the end of the fourth season?
    a fire at the Cohen house
    an earthquake
    a plane crash
    a robbery at the Cooper-Roberts-Townsend house

15. "The End is Not Near, It's Here" was the series finale of "The O.C". It was set six months after the earthquake. Various storylines in this episode included people leaving, people coming back together, and new family members. The very end of the episode showed a look into the future. Which of the following events was not shown?
    Taylor having a baby
    Sandy teaching law at college
    Seth and Summer getting married
    Julie graduating from college

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Compiled Jun 28 12