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The French Revolution

Created by exceller

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The French Revolution game quiz
"The French Revolution is one of the most important events in French and World History. This is a quiz over some of its events and key people."

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1. What year did the French Revolution begin?

2. What event is generally seen as the start of the French Revolution?
    The storming of Versailles
    Bread riots
    The storming of the Bastille
    The Tennis Court Oath

3. Who was the king of France during this time period?
    Jean-Jacques I
    Louis XVI
    Henri IV
    Edouard IX

4. How did the King of France die?

5. How did the Louis XVI's son die?
    nothing is known about his death
    he was murdered
    he was run over by a carriage
    he died in prison

6. Who was the leader of the Commitee of Public Safety?
    Marie Antoinette
    Marquis de Lafayette

7. Who was Marat?
    an aristocrat
    a spy
    a priest
    a newspaper editor

8. Where was Marat murdered?
    at the guillotine
    in his bath
    in the sewers
    at the king's palace

9. Who was one of Robespierre's closest friends whom he would later send to the guillotine?
    King Louis
    George Washington

10. Who was the queen of France at the time of the Revolution?
    Madame de Pompadour
    Gabrielle de Polignac
    Madame du Barry
    Marie Antoinette

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