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Deep Roots - 'The Summer Tree' in detail

Created by garina

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Kay, Guy Gavriel
Deep Roots  The Summer Tree in detail game quiz
"The first book in one of my favourite fantasy series, this quiz is about some of the more obscure details in 'The Summer Tree' by Guy Gavriel Kay. How carefully were you reading?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Overture mentions that Rakoth Maugrim is bound beneath which mountain?
    Banir Tal

2. Lorenzo Marcus was speaking and chairing a panel at the Second International Celtic Conference. Who else is named as being on the panel?
    Loren Silvercloak
    Rachel Kincaid
    Vince Martyniuk
    Matt Soren

3. At various points during the story, we encounter or are told of four of the Five's fathers. Whose father is not mentioned?
    Jennifer Lowell
    Paul Schafer
    Kimberly Ford
    Dave Martyniuk

4. When they cross to Fionavar, the guard outside the room they arrive in is very rude to Loren until Matt adjusts his attitude a little. What was the guard's name?

5. "Most hated by the Dark, for their name was Light." The representative of the lios alfar, Na-Brendel, belongs to which Mark?

6. Sharra, the Dark Rose of Cathal, has had to deal with many marriage proposals. Which suitor does her father describe as "a callow fool"?
    Levon dan Ivor
    Bragon of Gath
    Venessar of Gath
    Diarmuid dan Ailell

7. How many times does Leila call Finn to the Longest Road before Jaelle recruits her to the service of Dana?

8. When Tabor undergoes the ritual fast to become a Rider, he sees an animal that does not yet exist - a flying chestnut unicorn. What is her name?
    Lisen of the Wood
    Queen of the Waters

9. When Paul is on the Summer Tree, he is approached by three individuals before Mornir brings the rain. Who were they and in what order did they appear?
    Galadan, Aileron, Mornir
    Galadan, Aileron, Dana
    Aileron, Galadan, Kevin
    Gorlaes, Ailell, Dana

10. Near the end of the book, Brock of Banir Tal reaches Paras Derval with the news that the Dwarves are responsible for releasing Rakoth Maugrim. Before he gives his news, Matt Soren speaks of his past. Who was the King of the Dwarves before Matt?

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Compiled Jun 28 12