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In the office

Created by rocco6557

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mixed 10 Q. Average [B]
In the office game quiz
"According to a Department of Labor survey (on which this quiz is based), most people become different people when they're at the office. They respond to things in ways they normally wouldn't. Which behaviors can you identify?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You come into work. For some reason, people are avoiding eye contact with you. Groups of people in conversations go silent as you pass them by. In general, people are avoiding you. According to the survey, what is going on?
    They know that you are about to be laid off or fired.
    They heard about an upcoming staff meeting.
    They see that your clothes don't match.
    They heard that the whole department is being laid off.

2. According to a recent industry survey, 91% of the participants indicated that they engage in this activity in the office, but never do it outside the office. What is this activity?
    Extramarital sex

3. What activity have office workers said they love to do at home, but dread to do on the job?
    Opening E-mail/answering the phone
    Talking with friends
    Surfing the web

4. You feel as though your blood pressure has spiked about 50 points, top and bottom numbers. You've broken out in a mild sweat. Your palms are clammy and your jaw clenches momentarily. According to the survey, what's just happened?
    Any one of these
    An emergency meeting has been called
    The boss has called you into the office
    Your computer has crashed and you didn't save your work

5. Most people surveyed said that they did not consider taking home minor office supplies--pens, stickies, floppy disks--to be a crime. Yet, technically, it is theft. How do employees justify committing this crime that they normally wouldn't commit?
    They feel the company is rich enough to afford it.
    All of these
    They believe that the company knows that everyone steals.
    They feel it compensates for being underpaid and unappreciated.

6. Violence in the workplace is an extreme aberrant behavior but, sadly, it happens all too often. According to the survey, some of the warning signs of an employee going over the edge are: preoccupation with discussions of murder or suicide; sudden seclusion; preoccupation with weapons; intentional damage to company property; and frequent belligerence with co-workers. What should you do if you've noticed this type of behavior in a co-worker?
    Tell him/her to stay calm, that everything will be all right
    Invite him/her to a local tavern for some friendly drinks
    Advise him/her to take a few days off
    Notify your supervisor or human resources immediately

7. Office workers tend to curse more in the public surroundings of their office than in the privacy of their homes.

8. While we're on the subject, percentage-wise, who curses more at the work place as opposed to at home?
    Dagwood Bumstead
    It is equal

9. To be fair, there are those who are happy at their jobs, but which of the following groups are the most satisfied?
    Those at the top of the corporate ladder
    Those in middle management
    Those at the bottom of the corporate ladder

10. One thing that irritated most respondents was the seemingly annual "team building", "team skills", "performance redesign", "workforce team empowerment" seminars. They sound okay, but why did most respondents hate them?
    They feel teamwork implies more work with fewer people
    All of these
    They feel that the company never follows through and people go back to their old habits.
    They feel that management will call the shots anyway, regardless of how the team feels.

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Compiled Jun 07 13