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Irish '60s Music

Created by francisk

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Irish 60s Music game quiz
"The 1960s was a vibrant, exciting time for music in Ireland. They say if you can remember anything about it, you weren't there! Let's see..."

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1. Benno Haussmann from Hamburg was drummer with a Cork band. Which one?
    The Vards
    The Vanguard Six
    The Dixies
    The Regal Showband

2. Which Dublin band changed their name to Dublin Corporation and moved to Canada?
    The Cadets Showband
    The Hoedowners
    The Pacific Showband
    The Dubliners

3. Which singer with The Skyrockets represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest?
    Muriel Day
    Seán Dunphy
    Pat McGeegan

4. Which 'Aces' were based in Kilkenny?
    The Black Aces
    The Melody Aces
    The Blue Aces
    The Swingtime Aces

5. Which showband was formed by eight members of the Irish Air Corps in 1960?
    The Airchords
    The Jets
    The Pilots
    The Cadets

6. Which actor featured on The Freshmens' "Peace" album?
    Noel Purcell
    Hilton Edwards
    Micheál Mac Liammoir
    Cyril Cusack

7. Artist Robert Ballagh played bass guitar with which showband?
    The Freshmen
    The Paragon 7
    The Miami Showband
    The Chessmen

8. Eleanor Toner, wife of Northern Ireland soccer goalkeeper Pat Jennings, sang with which band?
    The Banshees
    The Keynotes
    Dave Glover Showband
    The Hilton Showband

9. The Nevada Showband were formed as a backing band for which singer?
    Maisie McDaniel
    Roly Daniels
    Red Hurley

10. The Real McCoy evolved from a band which had been a successful beat-group. What was the name of the group?
    The Greenbeats
    The Movement
    The Teenbeats
    The Bye-Laws

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