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Margaret Truman

Created by bigwoo

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Margaret Truman game quiz
"Margaret Truman was the daughter of President Harry S and Bess Truman. Her works of fiction and non-fiction are both very popular. She died in January 2008"

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1. Truman's famous mystery series is based in Washington DC. What is the name of the series?
    American Capital Mysteries
    Murder in the Capital Mysteries
    Washington Mystery Series
    Capital Crimes Series

2. In Truman's book "Murder at the Library of Congress" what historic manuscript becomes the focus of the storyline?
    The original Emancipation Proclamation
    Dead Sea Scrolls
    Letters written by Benjamin Franklin
    A second diary about Columbus' voyage to the New World

3. One Truman murder mystery has the name of another national capital in its title. What capital is mentioned?

4. What husband and wife sleuth team appear in several of Truman's mystery novels?
    Mick and Maggie Ford
    Will and Lucy Wilson
    Zach and Holly Holdren
    Mac and Annabel Smith

5. In this non-fiction book written by Truman in 1969 you could read about "Feller, the unwanted dog".
    Famous American Cats and Dogs
    The Healing Power of Pets
    Canine Heroes of World War II
    White House Pets

6. Who is murdered in Truman's' first published mystery novel, "Murder in the White House"?
    The Vice President
    The Secretary of State
    Surgeon General
    The White House Chef

7. Which two Truman mystery novels have murders occurring at the same place?
    "Murder at Foggy Bottom" and "Murder at the FBI"
    "Murder at the Kennedy Center" and "Murder at the Opera"
    "Murder at Ford's Theater" and "Murder on the Stage"
    "Murder at the National Zoo" and "Murder in the Cage"

8. In 1956 Truman published her first book. What type of book was it?
    A biography of Bess Truman
    Her autobiography
    A book of poems
    A coloring book for White House guests

9. At what fictional newspaper does one of Truman's mysterious murders occur?
    The Baltimore Banner
    The Washington Tribune
    The Capital Gazette
    The Washingtonian

10. What famous quote by President Truman is included in the title of one of his daughter's books?
    The buck stops here
    I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.
    If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen
    Always be sincere, even if you don't mean it.

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