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"Grey's Anatomy" All About Alex

Created by tdakoo

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Greys Anatomy All About Alex game quiz
"Seattle Grace Intern Alex Karev may have a terrible bedside manner, but that doesn't mean we don't love him. See what you know about this inter that everyone loves to hate. This covers season one through three."

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1. Intern Alex Karev makes a bad impression on his first day of work when he calls one of his fellow interns a nurse. Which doctor was called a nurse?

2. What nickname did Izzie and the other interns dub Alex in the first season?
    Evil Spawn
    Dr. Model
    Frat Boy

3. What was Alex's intended specialty when he arrived at Seattle Grace?
    Neonatal surgery
    Cardiothoracic surgery
    Plastic surgery

4. What sport did Alex participate in during his college years in Iowa?

5. In the episode "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" Izzie gets mad at Meredith, George and Cristina for helping Alex study for his medical boards. Meredith says they need to help Alex because he is their "Dirty Uncle____."
    Answer: (One Word, 3 letters)

6. In the season two episode "Something to Talk About", Alex is in charge of wheeling around Nicole, a girl in a wheelchair. Nicole develops a crush on Alex and asks him to kiss her. Alex gives Nicole a number of reasons why he won't kiss her. What is NOT one of his reasons?
    You can't cheat your first kiss
    For a kiss to be good, you can't plan it
    For a kiss to be really good you want it to mean something
    You want your first kiss to be with someone you can't get out of your head

7. During the episode "I am a Tree" Alex gets in trouble with Dr. Bailey for doing what with a patient?
    Lying to a patient's father.
    Yelling at a patient
    Sleeping with a patient
    Shoving a patient's father.

8. In the episode "Six Days (Part Two)" where do Alex and Addison have their first kiss?
    In an exam room
    In the elevator
    In the linen closet
    At Joe's bar

9. During the ferry disaster in season three what was Alex doing?
    Staying behind at the hospital
    Trying to resuscitate Meredith.
    Looking for a lost boy
    Trying to connect patients to their families.

10. Has Alex ever lived at Meredith's house?

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