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Take That 1

Created by sophz1994

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Take That
Take That 1 game quiz
"Take That are my favourite band so I thought I would make a quiz on them especially for you."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "It's gone away to a town called yesterday..."
Which song have these lyrics come from?
    I'd Wait for Life
    Do What You Like
    Love Ain't Here Anymore

2. Complete these lyrics "You, you're such a ___
_____ to me"
    Big star
    Fat cow
    Big inspiration
    Smelly fish

3. In the video for the song 'Why can't I wake up with you' what is Mark doing?
    Throwing cards into a vase
    Picking his nose
    Rolling money on the floor
    Trying to glue a broken vase

4. What did the band decide to call themselves before 'Take That'?
    Fab Five
    Cutest Rush
    Kick It

5. 'Just have a little Patience, still ________ from a love I lost'
What's the missing word?

6. What is the tenth song on the album 'Beautiful World'?
    Mancunian Way
    Hold On
    Wooden Boat
    Reach Out

7. 'Relight my ____': complete the lyrics.

8. Who sang 'How Deep Is Your Love' before Take That?
    Guns n Roses
    The Beatles
    Iron Maiden

9. What position did 'Do What You Like' get to in the UK charts?
    Number 47
    Number 1
    Number 82
    Number 89

10. Which song did Take That win a Brit Award for in 1993?
    Relight my fire
    Could It Be Magic

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Compiled Jun 28 12