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The Clique

Created by xo_cinnabon

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The Clique game quiz
"Do you really know Lisi Harrison's "The Clique"? Find out with this quiz about Massie Block, Alicia Rivera, Kirsten Gregory, Dylan Marvil, and Claire Lyons."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the name of the girl that moves into Massie Block's guest house?
    Dylan Marvil
    Kristen Gregory
    Alicia Rivera
    Claire Lyons

2. Massie meets her first crush in the series. What is her crush's name?
    Todd Lyons
    Chris Abeley
    Matthew Garnet
    Greg Hope

3. What school do Massie and her friends go to?
    Octavian School For Girls
    Octavian Private School
    Octavian Middle School
    Octavian Country Day School

4. Why does Massie pretend to be friends with Layne Abeley, the freak in OCD?
    because she wants to win votes so she can become president of the 7th grade
    because Layne Abeley is Massie's crush's sister and she will get to spend more time with her crush
    because she wants to know Claire's friends
    because she doesn't want to be popular anymore

5. How much is the shirt that Massie's friends get for her on their shopping trip without Massie?

6. Massie hosts a sleepover on which day of the week?

7. Claire sneaks into Massie's room and tricks Massie's friends into hating Massie. How does Claire do this?
    by stealing Massie's friends stuff and putting the stolen items in Massie's room so her friends will think Massie stole them
    by sending fake IMs to her friends
    by making fake phone calls to her friends
    by trashing Massie's room

8. Who is Chris Abeley's girlfriend in the end of the book?

9. It shows Massie's friends' screen names in an IM conversation. Who is SEXYSPORTSBABE?
    Alicia Rivera
    Claire Lyons
    Dylan Marvil
    Kristen Gregory

10. Almost every day, Massie writes who and what are 'in' and 'out'. What is the list called?
    What's Hot and What's Nawt
    Innie and Outtie
    Massie's In and Out List
    Current State of the Union

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Compiled Jun 28 12