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Created by bigwoo

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Cycloramas game quiz
"Cyclorama comes from the Greek word "cycl" meaning "circle" and "orama" which means "to view". Once a great source of entertainment, these "Imaxes" of the 1800s have since declined in popularity, although several still exist today as tourist attractions."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What type of view is the cyclorama designed to give the observer?
    An underground view of the exhibit
    An "eye in the sky" view of the exhibit
    A 360 degree view of the exhibit
    A three dimensional view of the exhibit

2. What led to the cyclorama's decline in popularity in the early twentieth century?
    The assassination of William McKinley
    The rise in popularity of Major League baseball
    The start of World War I
    The invention of motion pictures

3. What did cyclorama investors do to compete with other forms of entertainment?
    Added three dimensional scenes to their cycloramas
    Added pyrotechnics
    Added all of these
    Added sound effects and narration

4. The longest cyclorama created was about one and a half miles long. What famous American river did it depict?
    Answer: (One Word)

5. "Behalt" is a cyclorama located in Berlin (Holmes County), Ohio. It depicts the heritage of what group of people?
    Early Ohio winemakers
    The steel workers of Cleveland
    The Amish and Mennonite people
    The builders of the Erie Canal

6. Many cycloramas depicting events of the US Civil War were created in the late 1800s but only a few survive today. One depicts Pickett's Charge. In what battle did this famous charge take place?
    Battle of Shiloh
    Battle of Nashville
    Battle of Pea's Ridge
    Battle of Gettysburg

7. The Cyclorama of Jerusalem depicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Where would you need to go to visit this beautiful work of art?
    Munich, Germany
    St. Anne de Beaupré, Canada
    Paris, France
    Rome, Italy

8. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has a pre-Civil War cyclorama that depicts a famous palace. What is the name of this famous cyclorama?
    Buckingham Palace on Canvas
    Panoramic View of the Palace and Gardens of Versailles
    The Duomo
    Alhambra at Sunset

9. The "Panorama de la Bataille" near Waterloo, Belgium depicts the defeat of what historic world leader?
    Napoleon Dynamite
    Nap Lajoie
    Napoleon McCollum
    Napoleon Bonaparte

10. The Atlanta Cyclorama was commissioned by Civil War Union officer John A. Logan. It depicted the Battle of Atlanta. Why did he commission this painting?
    He wanted to mock the Confederacy
    He wanted to honor the people of Atlanta
    He wanted to boost his political fortunes
    He wanted to honor the soldiers who died there

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