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Video Games in Politics: Gaming Controversies

Created by trident

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Video Games in Politics Gaming Controversies game quiz
"In recent years, video games have come under the spotlight in the political sphere. We'll take a look at some of the most talked about controversies and why they sparked such heat."

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1. On April 20, 1999, the Columbine school shooting took place in the United States. Politicians and parents' groups looked to violence in video games as a possible reason why this atrocity was committed. The two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, had been known to play violent video games, and since their favorites included games like "Doom" and "Wolfenstein 3D" for PC, many were quick to blame gaming as the cause of the shooting. What genre were these two games?
    Role-playing game
    First-person shooter
    Turn-based strategy

2. By using a special mod (or modification), players of the game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" had the opportunity to access a certain lewd minigame. Since the ESRB rating of the game was only Mature (M), several lawsuits were brought upon Rockstar North, the game's developer, due to the fact that consumers had been misled. The rating was changed to Adults Only 18+ and the makers re-released a version of the game that no longer contained the extra minigame. What was the nickname of the controversy that spawned from this game (which was also the name of the mod itself)?
    Hot Coffee
    Corporate Ladder
    Capital Punishment
    Drama Queen

3. Sex and violence aren't the only factors that lead to controversy in video games; racism has also been a concern. While the game "Custer's Revenge" for Atari 2600 was actually purchased by a very select few, there was still a huge uproar over its content. The game itself was labeled as an "adult video game cartridge" and couldn't be bought by minors, but the pornographic aspects of the game weren't its main criticisms.

True or false: This game went so far as to depict the rape of a Native American woman by a naked General Custer.

4. On April 20, 2005, and in a twist of morbid irony, Danny Ledonne released the downloadable game "Super Columbine Massacre RPG!". The game went mostly unnoticed until its one year anniversary in 2006, in which a full blown controversy erupted. What was the main reason Ledonne gave for releasing the game?
    He created it as an "indictment of our society at large" and because he was himself "a misfit," "a loner" and "a bullied kid".
    He created it as a memorial for friends he knew from the Columbine massacre.
    He wanted to make money and charged ten dollars to download the game.
    He wanted publicity and fame, and as soon as the game came out, he appeared on several talk shows.

5. In 2002, the Greek government passed Law 3037/2002, an electronic game ban aimed at curbing illegal gambling. Its primary purpose may have been reasonable, but the law went so far as to ban all electronic games from being played in both public atmospheres such as Internet cafés, and on home computers. According to the law, which of the following types of games was NOT banned?
    Pre-installed games, such as "Microsoft Solitaire"
    PC games, such as "The Sims"
    Online games, such as "Yahoo! Chess"
    All of these were banned

6. The video games "Ethnic Cleansing" (2002) and "Special Force" (2003) were both released to much criticism (the former receiving much more publicity). The premise of "Ethnic Cleansing" was to run through a ghetto as either a skinhead or a Klansman killing people of other races. "Special Force" was a game devoted to killing Israelis who had invaded Lebanon as a member of the Islamic Resistance. Both games were developed on which open source game engine causing further controversy?
    Doom engine

7. Two separate events were said to have originated with players of this video game series. The first happened on June 7, 2003, when American Devin Moore shot and killed two police officers and a police dispatcher. The officers were arresting him for possession of a stolen vehicle when he grabbed one of the officers' weapons, shot them, and escaped in a police car. His defense was based on his inspiration from the video game.

The second event happened the same month when two teenaged step brothers shot rifles at passing cars on an interstate in Tennessee, killing one man and injuring a woman. They also said they had been inspired by this video game series. Which video game series was it?
    Perfect Dark
    Syphon Filter
    Grand Theft Auto

8. On May 24, 2005, two parents were arrested in South Korea after leaving their four-month old daughter in their apartment while they went and played an enormously popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) at a nearby Internet café. The infant suffocated to death while they played online for nearly five hours. What famed online game had they been playing?
    World of Warcraft
    Guild Wars

9. A 28-year-old man died in 2005, after he had played the popular real-time strategy game "Starcraft" for nearly fifty hours straight in an Internet café. It was reported that he only stopped to take bathroom breaks and short naps. His friends described him as having a video game addiction, and he lost his job and girlfriend because of his gaming habits. What country, known for its immense fandom of online gaming, was he from?
    United States
    South Korea

10. In the U.K. newspaper, "The Guardian", it was reported that the German government banned all video games depicting Nazi imagery or the swastika, as well as those that promote "cruel violence against humans or human-looking characters." However, they do allow the sale and distribution of historically accurate movies that include Nazi symbols and/or violence. According to German lawmakers, what reason is given for this discrepancy?
    Video games are not classified as art, so are not exempt from the ban.
    All of these.
    Most video games are not historically accurate.
    In the past, school shootings have been perpetrated by those who have played violent video games.

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