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Deadliest Catch

Created by deputygary

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Deadliest Catch game quiz
""Deadliest Catch" premiered on Discovery Channel in 2005. Here are ten questions about the crabbers."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What two types of crab are fished for on the show?
    king and opilio
    tanner and snow
    horseshoe and fiddler
    pea and Japanese spider

2. Where do the boats on "Deadliest Catch" fish?
    Bering Sea
    North Sea
    Hudson Bay
    Arctic Ocean

3. Where are the boats based?
    German Harbor
    Flemish Harbor
    Siberian Harbor
    Dutch Harbor

4. Mike Rowe is the narrator. What Discovery Channel show does he star in?
    Dirty Jobs
    Planet Earth
    Man vs. Wild

5. What is the name of the boat Sig Hansen captains?
    Erla N

6. On January 15, 2005 one of the crab boats sank. What was the name of the boat?
    Big Valley
    Lady Alaska

7. Donna Quashnick, the wife of skipper Rick, is the ship mother on which vessel?

8. What organization is tasked with rescue work in the Bering Sea?
    Alaska Sea Patrol
    Fishermens Benevolent Association
    US Coast Guard
    Dutch Harbor Rescue

9. What term is used for the new, inexperienced crew members?
    sea pups

10. The Hillstrand brothers built and co-captain a boat which shares its name with a 1981 adventure comedy written by Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam of Monty Python fame. What is their boat called?
    Life of Brian
    Ripping Yarns
    Holy Grail
    Time Bandit

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Compiled Jun 28 12