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Classic British Sweets of Yesteryear

Created by simon_templar

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Confectionery, Chocolates & Candy
Classic British Sweets of Yesteryear game quiz
"A dose of nostalgia as we look back on some of the classic British sweets and ices that many of us grew up with."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. These small pastel coloured rice paper sweets were shaped like a U.F.O. and contained delightfully fizzy sherbet. What were they called?
    Rainbow Dust
    Sherbet Lemons
    Space Dust
    Flying Saucers

2. This ice lolly on a stick was shaped like a rocket and was made up of three sections, each with its own distinct flavour. In sequence this was lime, lemon and strawberry. What was this popular iced lolly called?
    Star Trek
    Star Wars

3. These sweets were bought by the quarter pound. Short, thin lengths of liquorice coated in a crunchy candy in an assortment of colours. Which sweet do I describe?
    Cola Cubes
    Liquorice Root

4. A paper bag which contained a small selection of cheap sweets, maybe some caramel, a joke and a cheap Christmas cracker style toy. Popular in the 1960s, what were these bags called?
    Lucky Bags
    Pocket bags
    Hopeful bags
    Charm bags

5. The advertising jingle for this pack of square, fruity, chewy flavoured blocks went "_________ _________" made to make your mouth water." They remain available today but under the completely different name of "Starburst." Of what yesteryear sweet do I speak?
    Opal Fruits
    Jelly Tots
    Swizzle Sticks
    Apple Jacks

6. Short sweet strips of coconut dusted in a cocoa powder and sugar. This tasty yet visually unappealing sweet came in a small red packet. What was it called?
    Hanky Panky
    Curly Wurly
    Spanish Tobacco

7. A vanilla ice cream lolly on a stick coated in a strawberry icing with the top half covered in chocolate flavoured hundreds and thousands. What was its name?
    Haunted House
    Funny Faces

8. This particular bubble gum came in a largely red and blue wrapper. They were sold as separate pieces but I recall a tube which contained four large chunks of bright pink bubble gum which were easy to break off from one another. An American import, these were particularly exciting as each pack had a small cartoon story inside. What was it called?
    Hubba Bubba
    Anglo Bubble Gum
    Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum
    Wrigley Juicy Fruit

9. A Cadbury's product this was a slab of dark chocolate heavily flavoured with rum and containing a handful of raisins. What was its name?
    Old Jamaica
    Double Decker

10. This yellow cardboard tube was filled with a white sherbet and had a liquorice stick in it. What was it called?
    Sherbet Straws
    Sherbet Fountain

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Compiled Jun 28 12