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Relationships and "The Sopranos"

Created by sadako_girl

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'Sopranos'- Characters
Relationships and The Sopranos game quiz
"The characters have been in many different relationships, some simple, some complicated. Here are some questions on their relationships. Beware of spoilers--the quiz asks questions about the series from season one up to mid season six."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of these women did Tony date in high school?
    Rosalie Aprile
    Charmaine Bucco
    Adriana LaCerva
    Angie Bonpensiero

2. Who is the only man, other than Tony, with whom Carmela has been sexually intimate?
    Davy Scatino
    Furio Giunta
    Robert Wegler
    Tony Blundetto

3. Which of these men was the only one never to have a girlfriend on the side?
    Big Pussy
    Tony Soprano
    Bobby Bacala
    Silvio Dante

4. Which of these events precipitated Carmela's separation from Tony?
    Irina tried to commit suicide
    Irina telephoned the house
    Gloria confronted her about Tony's misdeeds
    Carmela found out where Adriana went

5. Which of these women considered getting a divorce from her husband in season two?
    Gabriella Dante
    Rosalie Aprile
    Karen Baccalieri
    Angie Bonpensiero

6. What does Uncle Junior do to his girlfriend, Roberta, at the end of the season one episode "Boca"?
    Puts a gun to her head
    Has her killed by Mikey Palmice
    Refuses to take her phone calls
    Smashes a pie in her face

7. What's the name of the Latina girl who dumps A.J. in season six?

8. Whose wife does Ralphie Cifaretto make an insensitive joke about?
    Vito Spatafore
    Tony Soprano
    Johnny Sack
    Phil Leotardo

9. In season two, Christopher sleeps with a woman involved in the film industry. How does he know this woman?
    She's his cousin's fiancee
    She's Meadow's best friend
    She's Adriana's sister
    She's Hesh's goddaughter

10. Whom does Rosalie Aprile date for awhile during seasons three and four?
    Patsy Parisi
    Bobby Bacala
    Ralphie Cifaretto
    Phil Leotardo

11. What does Janice do after ending her relationship with Ralphie?
    Has a panic attack
    Pushes him down the stairs
    Calls Tony
    Shoots him

12. What's the name of the woman who initially goes on a date with Tony, but ends up becoming Christopher's girlfriend?

13. Which of these men has never been married?
    Christopher Moltisanti
    Little Carmine
    Paulie Walnuts

14. What did Richie like to do to Janice while they had sex?
    Recite love poetry
    Whisper profanity
    Bite her
    Hold a gun to her head

15. Which of these reasons does Christopher give when talking about his reluctance to marry Adriana?
    She's got a drug problem
    She's unfaithful to him
    She might not be able to have children
    She's a bad cook

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