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Baseball's Big Adventures

Created by Nightmare

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Baseballs Big Adventures game quiz
"An all multiple choice quiz identifying some great things that happened in baseball history. I hope that you enjoy it. :-)"

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1. 1961 saw Yankee Roger Maris hit 61 home runs in a season. Whose season record did he break?
    Mark McGwire
    Babe Ruth
    Ted Williams
    Willie Mays

2. In 1990, which player became the first to win three batting titles in three different decades?
    Rogers Hornsby
    George Sisler
    Bill Terry
    George Brett

3. In 1941, Lefty Grove of the Red Sox became the second left-handed pitcher in history to win 300 games. Which left-hander was the first?
    Eddie Plank
    Don Sutton
    Cy Young
    Phil Niekro

4. In 1985, Rod Carew of the Angels got his 3000th hit. Carew was the first infielder to have 3000 hits since which infielder in the 1920s?
    Eddie Collins
    Walter Johnson
    Christy Mathewson
    Herb Pennock

5. On May 2, 1939, the Yankees defeated the Tigers 22-2. What was historical about his day?
    The first player in history died as a result of an on-field incident
    Mickey Mantle had 14 RBIs in the game
    Babe Ruth hit five home runs in this single game
    Lou Gehrig's consecutive game streak stopped

6. In 1988, Nolan Ryan became the first player in history to throw 4000 strikeouts. Who went down in the record books as his 4000th victim?
    Mickey Rivers
    Vada Pinson
    Frank Robinson
    Danny Heep

7. Bob Watson went into the record books in 1975 for doing what?
    Became the first umpire in history to call 3000 games
    Struck out six consecutive times in one game
    Scored the 1,000,000th run in Major League history
    Became Sandy Koufax's 3000th strikeout victim

8. The greatest thief of them all, Rickey Henderson, retired with 1406 stolen bases, and was the first to reach 1000 thefts in a career. Who did he surpass with his 939th theft?
    Lou Brock
    Willie Wilson
    Maury Wills
    Bert Campaneris

9. Who was the first black player to have 3000 hits in Major League baseball?
    Pie Traynor
    Roger Connor
    Willie Mays
    Lloyd Waner

10. Who was the first player in history to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in the same season?
    Eddie Gaedel
    Barry Bonds
    Jose Canseco
    Lou Gehrig

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