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Basic Neurobiology

Created by titan2600

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Nervous System and the Senses
Basic Neurobiology game quiz
"This quiz is intended to test comprehension of the fundamentals of neurobiology. I hope you all enjoy this quiz and learn something along the way. This is my first quiz so feedback is welcome"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Ok, we will start with a question regarding action potentials first. What accounts for the rising phase of an action potential in a typical neuron?
    Influx of sodium (Na+) ions into the neuron
    Sodium (Na+) leaving the neuron
    Influx of potassium (K+) ions into the neuron
    Neither sodium nor potassium are involved in neuronal action potentials

2. There are many severe neurological disorders out there. What disease would you be suffering from if I were to demyelinate your axons?
    Parkinson's Disease
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Brain cancer
    Huntington's disease

3. With regards to the axons of dorsal column medial-lemniscus pathway for sending somatic information to the brain: where do these axons cross the midline?
    At the level of the brain stem
    These axons do not cross the midline, they remain ipsilateral (on the same side).
    They cross the midline immediately.
    At the level of the spinal cord.

4. If I were to damage your Edinger-Westphal nucleus what would you have trouble doing?
    Smelling citrus odors
    Producing tears
    Seeing the color red
    Moving the muscles in your iris

5. Lower motor neurons have an interesting distribution within the ventral horn of the spinal cord. What muscles would I damage if I were to destroy the lateral most part of the ventral horn?
    Motor neurons innervating proximal muscles
    None of the above, motor neurons are located in the dorsal horn not the ventral horn
    Motor neurons that innervate your deltoid muscle
    Motor neurons innervating distal muscles

6. The output of the basal ganglia is...
    A mix of excitatory and inhibitory
    The basal ganglia only receives input it does not send output to the rest of the body

7. This disease of the basal ganglia is inherited and is caused by a glutamine repeat in a particular gene
    Huntington's disease
    Basal ganglitis
    Parkinson's disease

8. Now on to a little brain development... We all start out as a tube within a tube composed of three germ layers which give rise to all of the structures and tissues. What would be the result on the development of the nervous system if I removed the mesoderm layer?
    The nervous system would develop normally
    The nervous system would not develop
    The brain would form but the spine won't
    The brain will develop outside of the head

9. Serious diseases can develop when the neural tube fails to close properly during development. Which of the following are diseases that result from an incomplete closure of the neural tube?
    Spina Bifida

10. Because I enjoy developmental biology I will give you one more on neuro devo...Which product should a pregnant woman never use because of its link to an increased risk of birth defects?
    Fluorinated toothpaste
    Foods high in starch

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Compiled Jun 28 12