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Discover Southeast Asia!

Created by kaung30

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Discover Southeast Asia game quiz
"Are you ready to test your trivial knowledge of this very unique part of the world? Have fun on your journey through Southeast Asia!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Southeast Asia can be divided into two regions: Mainland Southeast Asia and Maritime Southeast Asia. Out of these four choices, which one is not a Mainland Southeast Asia country?

2. Out of these four choices, which one is not one of the exports of Brunei?
    Natural Gas
    Crude oil

3. Angkor Wat is the most popular place to visit in Cambodia. Looking at its history, when it was built, it represented a religion, which god was it dedicated to?

4. Let us go on a train to Thailand and explore the "Kingdom of Thailand". We just hit the "Loy Krathong" Festival. Krathong means "a raft", but what does Loy mean?
    to pray
    to float

5. One of Thailand's most famous places to visit is Phuket. However, Phuket's beauty was destroyed by the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Most of the beaches were severely hit; four suffered major damage. Out of the four choices, which one did not suffer major damage?
    Bang Tao Beach
    Karon Beach
    Patong Beach
    Kata Beach

6. With Thai Airways, we will fly on to the Golden Land (Myanmar). Let us go to a Burmese house! When eating a typical Burmese meal, which one of these choices is not common?
    When an elder is absent from the dining table, the younger people or the others can still eat.
    They sit on the ground and eat on low tables.
    Hot rice is almost always included as staple food.
    Burmese people eat with their left hand.

7. We have arrived in Malaysia! Education in Malaysia is improving and we are about to learn some Malay language. How do we say "school" in Malay?

8. South of Malaysia is Singapore. Orchard Road is the main tourist attraction. One of the cheapest ways to travel, MRT (a Mass Rapid Transit or train transportation), is located there. There are three MRT stations. Out of these four, which one is not located on Orchard Road?
    Bukit Batok
    Dhoby Ghaut

9. There are a number of islands around Singapore. Some are natural, while some are man-made. Out of these four choices, which one is not a natural island?
    Pulau Punggol Timor
    Pulau Pawai
    Pulau Ubin

10. Indonesia is a nation famous for its volcanoes. In Lake Toba, a major volcanic eruption happened about 4000 years. About how many local people did the volcano kill?

    Thousands of people
    Hundreds of people
    Near extinction of the local population

11. Out of these four statements, which one is not true about East Timor or Timor Leste?
    East Timor has two official languages, Portuguese and Teturn.
    It was once occupied by Portuguese, then Indonesians took over the nation.
    East Timor's main religion is Muslim.
    Timor is very well known for its sandalwood.

12. Quezon City is the most populous city in Philippines.

13. We are now going to fly to Vietnam, the third last country we will need to visit to complete the journey. We are going to look at Vietnam's most popular sport, football. Vietnam came close to winning its first ever Tiger Cup title after an unlucky 1-0 loss against which Southeast Asian team?

14. Let us explore about Laos's history. Laos became an independence nation after they got independence from France. Short after Laos got independence, which other nation became independent after the British left the nation and it signed a treaty to become independent with its neighboring country?
    People's Republic of China
    Burma (now known as Myanmar)

15. Now, we will refer to Mainland Southeast Asia and Maritime Southeast Asia again. The question will be about islands around and near to Southeast Asia. Out of these four choices, which island is not in Maritime Southeast Asia, hence in Mainland Southeast Asia?
    Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    Islands of Naf River
    Christmas Island
    Cocos Islands

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