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Las Vegas Weddings

Created by ferfer72

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Las Vegas Weddings game quiz
"My husband and I got married in Las Vegas, Nevada July 14, 2007. We researched and planned very carefully for our big day, but we noticed other couples didn't quite know what they were doing. Follow along with us on our journey towards the big day!"

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1. Before we left, we spent a lot of time looking at wedding chapels online. We selected one and booked the wedding ahead of time. Do you have to book your wedding ahead of time in Las Vegas?

2. We selected a casino on the strip for our wedding. We got married in the "Chapel in the Clouds" 103 floors above "The Strip". In which hotel and casino did we wed?
    The Paris
    The Bellagio
    New York, New York
    The Stratosphere

3. Before we got married, we got a marriage license. How can someone obtain one to get married in Las Vegas?
    Go to the courthouse in person (both of you) during business hours
    A marriage license is not required
    Fill out the form online
    Go to the courthouse in person (either of you) 24 hours a day

4. After obtaining a license, we were home free, or were we?! Next we had the rehearsal dinner. Is a rehearsal required for a wedding in Las Vegas?

5. The day of the wedding came, and a crisis appeared! My sister had forgotten her bridesmaid dress! Fortunately for her, the bridesmaids weren't wearing matching dresses. We took her to a factory outlet center to buy a new one. Where could she go on Las Vegas Boulevard to find an outlet center?
    At the north end past the Stratosphere
    At the south end near the airport
    Both the north and south ends
    There are no outlet centers on Las Vegas Boulevard

6. Next I went to the Roni Josef Salon to have my hair and nails done. I asked for the traditional bridal hairstyle. What do Vegas salons call this style?
    The bridal braid
    The bridal "curl's nest"
    The bridal "shellac"
    The bridal "up-do"

7. After getting "buffed and coiffed", I met my bridesmaids at my room to get ready. I made sure my sister (who was now dressed in her lovely new dress) had the wedding rings. Does Las Vegas require that a couple exchange wedding rings?

8. Then it was time to get to the chapel! I gave the minister the wedding license and met him for the first time. How do wedding chapels in Las Vegas handle ministers' fees?
    All of these options are possible.
    They include the minister's fee in the wedding package.
    They require the bride or groom to pay on the day of the wedding.
    The minister doesn't charge a fee.

9. Finally, I walked down the aisle on my father's arm. As I walked down the aisle, I saw my family and Allen's family on their respective sides. Traditionally in a Las Vegas (American Christian) wedding, which side should my (the bride's) family sit on?
    Answer: (One word: (Choose either: Right or Left))

10. Immediately following the ceremony, Allen and I were whisked away by a photographer while our friends and family enjoyed reception food and beverage. What part of the reception refreshments is traditionally supposed to be saved and enjoyed by the couple on their first anniversary (American tradition)?
    A bottle of the reception champagne
    The top layer of the wedding cake
    A container of wedding soup
    A box of wedding cookies

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