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Goin' to Kansas City (On I-29)

Created by deputygary

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Goin to Kansas City On I29 game quiz
"Take a trip with me from Sioux Falls, SD to Kansas City, MO on Interstate 29 in the US. You will not have to have been on this route to take this quiz. The questions will provide clues to the answer."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Leaving Sioux Falls we soon come to the turnoff to a South Dakota city that shares its name with both a city in China and the city in Ohio that is home to the (American) Football Hall of Fame. What city is this?

2. Interstate 29 passes through the fourth largest city in Iowa. This city is named for an Indian tribe. What city is this?
    Apache Wells
    Sioux City
    Des Moines

3. About 50 miles into Iowa is a state park named after a famous duo of explorers. What is the name of this state park?
    Abbott and Costello
    De Soto and Cortez
    Smith and Jones
    Lewis and Clark

4. At the Missouri Valley/Blaine turnoff there sits a truck stop with a very uniquely shaped water tower. The tower resembles something normally found at a truck stop. What shape is the water tower at Sapp Brothers? (Hint: the scientific name of what this item is made from is Coffea arabica.)
    grilled cheese sandwich
    apple pie
    coffee pot
    ice cream cone

5. What major river, that shares its name with a state, forms the border between Nebraska and Iowa?

6. Just about halfway through the trip we come to a city famous for its steaks. What city is this that is also the largest city in Nebraska?
    Cedar Rapids

7. You will see a lot of crops while traveling on I-29, especially through Iowa. One crop that you will see a lot is a vegetable. Kevin Costner's character in the movie "Field of Dreams" plowed up acres of this crop to build a baseball field on his farm. What vegetable is this?

8. About fifty miles from Kansas City is a city named after the foster father of Jesus. Which city is this?
    St. Joseph
    St. Peter
    St. Andrew

9. From I-29 we can look west and see Kansas City's main airport which is currently called Kansas City International. What is the airline code for this airport along I-29?

10. Since this is the end of the journey the final question is where is the southern terminus of Interstate 29?
    Interstate 35 in Kansas City
    Dallas, Texas
    Mexican border
    Gulf of Mexico

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Compiled Oct 09 13