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Amnesty International

Created by Rowena8482

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Amnesty International game quiz
"With over 2.2 million members, supporters, and subscribers from over 150 countries, Amnesty International is a truly worldwide organisation, campaigning tirelessly for human rights equality for all."

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1. Amnesty International was founded in 1961, by a British lawyer called Peter Benenson and which British newspaper?
    The Times
    The Daily Mail
    The Guardian
    The Observer

2. In 1963, the first ever Chairman of the International Executive Committee of Amnesty International was elected. Who was he?
    James MacDowell
    Simon McArthur
    Walter McGonegall
    Sean MacBride

3. Which three word term was coined by Peter Benenson to describe someone imprisoned for their political beliefs yet innocent of any crime?
    Answer: (Three Words 8,2,10)

4. What is the well known logo of Amnesty International?
    Crossed red keys on a white ground
    Joined black and white hands
    Candle and barbed wire
    A baby holding a key

5. In 2002, Amnesty International succeeded in having an "Optional Protocol" added to the Child Human Rights Act in the UN. This protocol raised the age at which states can legally recruit children into the armed forces to 18.
What was the legal age under the Act previously?

6. Which famous figure was the 2006 Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience?
    Nelson Mandela
    John McCarthy
    Aung San Suu Kyi
    Terry Waite

7. In their campaigning for the rights of refugees and migrants, Amnesty International refers to "IDPs". What does IDP stand for?
    Intercontinental Dispersal of Peoples
    Internationally Dispossessed People
    Internally Displaced Persons
    Internal Disposition of Populations

8. Amnesty International support the "White Ribbon Campaign" in the UK, aimed at ending violence towards which group of people?
    AIDS sufferers
    Religious minorities

9. Which former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said "It's a worn cliché, but if Amnesty did not exist, it would have to be invented. It is simply unique."
    Auguste R. Lindt
    Jean-Pierre Hocke
    Ruud Lubbers
    Sadato Ogata

10. In June 2007, various recording stars got together and made an album of songs to support the work of Amnesty International. Whose songs did they all cover?
    Joan Baez
    Billy Bragg
    Bob Dylan
    John Lennon

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