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Bryan Ferry (and Roxy Music)

Created by skirwood

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Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music game quiz
"This is a quiz about Bryan Ferry's music career during the 1970/1980s. He produced a number of solo albums and was lead singer of Roxy Music."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Complete this song title "A Hard ____________ A-Gonna Fall."

2. Complete this song title "Love is the ____________"
    Answer: (4 Letter Word)

3. Which supermodel featured in the videoclip "Let's Stick Together"?
    Farah Fawcett
    Christie Brinkley
    Jerry Hall

4. Complete this lyric "The price of love, the price of love
It costs you more when _________________".
    you're to blame
    love has gone
    your heart is sold
    time is too dear

5. Roxy Music had a British number one hit for the song "Jealous Guy" in 1981.
Who wrote it?
    John Lennon
    Elton John
    Paul McCartney
    Roy Orbison

6. Complete this lyric "_____________________ the heartache,
________________________ the tears"
    Cry away
    Pull back
    Break away
    Dance away

7. Which song was a hit for Roxy Music?
    Gonna Make My Brown Eyes Blue
    Baby's Got Blue Eyes
    Angel Eyes
    Bette Davis Eyes

8. Bryan Ferry's last single to reach the Top Ten in the UK was "Slave to Love". From which album did this come?
    Bete Noire
    Flesh and Blood
    Boys and Girls

9. The song "More Than This" was used as background music for a Playstation video game.

10. What is the name of the song and album of Roxy Music which is also a Celtic island legend and a northern suburb of Sydney, Australia?

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Compiled Jun 28 12