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"Jam-Packed Foxtrot"

Created by groovis2

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Fox Trot
JamPacked Foxtrot game quiz
"This quiz is based entirely on the Bill Amend book "Jam-Packed Foxtrot" published September 1, 2006."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What book is the beginning of this collection derived from?
    Camp Foxtrot
    Death By Field Trip
    Orlando Bloom Has Ruined Everything
    His Code Name Was The Fox

2. What happens to Peter and Jason to make them disappear in the comic?
    This never happened
    Ink outage
    Their mother calling them to do chores
    They go to visit relatives

3. Which of Fox children are excited about "The Lord of the Rings" movie?
    Jason and Peter
    Marcus and Jason
    Peter and Roger
    Jason and Paige

4. When Andy tells Roger the computer needs "backing up", what does Roger do?
    Backs up the computer onto 117 floppy disks
    Asks Jason to do it
    Goes to the store to buy some backup software
    Pushes it off the back of the desk

5. Jason sets up a lemonade stand and wants to sell lemonade for $50 dollars a cup. What is Marcus giving away next to him?
    Free beer
    Free extra salty popcorn
    Free extra salty peanuts
    Interest free loans

6. While Andy is planting vegetables in her garden, what are Jason and Paige planting?
    Bubblegum and Sweet Tarts
    Pumpkins and Watermelons
    Snickers and Popcorn
    M&M's and Sweet Tarts

7. While getting ready to go see "Star Wars: Episode III", what does Jason get stuck on his head?
    R2-D2 Mask
    Darth Vader Mask
    Jabba the Hutt Mask
    Jar-Jar Binks Mask

8. Jason and Marcus are speculating on why Anakin Skywalker turns to the 'Dark Side' in "Star Wars: Episode III". What ended up being the reason?
    Palpatine telling Anakin he promises never to call him 'Ani'
    Padme telling Anakin that now that they are married, she is going back to her old queen hairdo
    Jar Jar telling Anakin that he will be his Padawan
    Obi-Wan telling Anakin that the Jedi council has issued him a pink lightsaber

9. Peter and Jason are naming Bruce Springsteen songs ("Fire", "Blinded By The Light", and "Born To Run") as they watch something in the backyard. What are they watching?
    Roger lighting charcoal
    Paige in a bathing suit
    Paige lighting fireworks
    Roger in a bathing suit

10. What video game(s) do Jason and Marcus setup and play in the snow?
    Super Mario Brothers
    Space Invaders
    All of these

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